Events lenght

Why you make events so short? I have longer vacations than these events last.

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Eve is one long perpetual event of misery and losss…

People participate in the events?

By the time I think it’s nice to participate we’re three events further. These days I don’t even look at them anymore, beyond closing the log-in screens that pop up when you’re trying to play.

Yes, we like daily free things and loot boosts.

One of the big reasons is probably to encourage FOMO. But, making an event too long might also require that they tone down the rewards. I mean, have you ever looked at the MER after some of these? It can result in huge spikes in isk being generated from things like overseer effects (and who knows about the loot generated from them). So, some of these events would likely cause major economic issues if ran for to long.

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Yup I’ve seen MER. As you say: tone down reward and make it last longer. It will make MER less spiky too this way. I think there is some golden mean solution to this.

Where can I view the Calendar of events?
Who knows…

There is no official calendar of planned events. But CCP does its usual pattern. They may/may not change things up.

That basically sounds like a calendar of planned events, except with plausible deniability.

Irony is the game itself has a built in calendar function in the Neocom.

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