Micro Events

So far we have the Invasion and Incursions along with regular events. But what if CCP created Micro Events to replace the normal events with? Micro Events would be events that are announced but do not have an end date. A Micro Event would last no longer then two weeks but could end three days after it started.

A Micro Event would yield very valuable modules, implants, BPC’s or boosters. A Micro Event could see up to three different NPC’s rolled into the events as individual events themselves.

Seems like an event, just with the word micro in front of it.

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These types of “micro events” exist and are called Escalations/Expeditions.

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The Micro Events would involve up to three NPC, Sansha, Serpentis, and Blood Raiders for example, launching micro invasions or an event similar to the Triglavian Invasion. The events would surround the Triglavian Invasion as the NPC pirate corporations take advantage, as a Pirate should of course, due the penalties that exist in each system.

The NPC pirates could remain in the region for as along as the Invasion was up and running or
just a day or so.

Increased NPC pirate activity would include pirate mining belt defense fleets warping in on a conduit to ‘raid it’ throwing a whole new ball of monkeys into the wax mold.

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One question is: how much development effort should be invested in a transient event? Or are you thinking more on the lines of Resource Wars and FOBs where a persistent feature spawns in different locations?

Over the past couple of years CCP seems to have been using time limited events as a laboratory to experiment with new ideas and this justifies the development effort. I expect we’ll continue to see this kind of event.

Bear in mind that “very valuable” is relative. In the first generation of events, cerebral accelerators were so common you could buy them for 1 million ISK during the second week of the event. Things are only valuable if demand exceeds supply.

They would have to cut loot from somewhere else, we are already behind on destruction versus loot.

They could cut loot across the board maybe 25% and add this.

That’s adding incursions to invasions. Not really anything new.

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