Idea for a new event type

Based on the chat problems that the servers are having at the time of this post, and how many people actually like not having local chat in space that normally has it, I have this idea for a new event type.

It would be primarly like any other event, spawn rat or whatever type, but with a twist. The rats would spawn / build a base or outpost (or whatever structure insert name of it here), which would disrupt local system wide communications, mainly, the local chat.

The structure could be defended by rats + spawn some sentries or missile towers etc. to make things interesting.

Most of the spawns, maybe about 75-80% ish, would be just like any of the other events. Doable by a pair of alphas or new players or a solo more advanced player and provide rewards equivalent to those. The boss ship would be either an elite cruiser or 2, or a BC. The structure defenses could spawn light / heavy missile towers + maybe 1 web or 1 scram or 1 painter, but not too much. Keep the balance on the low side.

The respawn timers would be much like the otehr events, but the structure would emit a system wide burst every 10-15 minutes, which would disrupt local, possibly other comms for a period of approximately 5 minutes. Values, timers, etc. can all be adjusted.

next would be the mid difficulty spawns. Maybe 1 out of 5 of these, or even more rare, again, rates can be adjusted, would spawn a tougher base which would require 3+ new players or alphas to complete, and be soloable only by more serious vet players. The structure here would have better defenses, include more heavy missile turrets, perhaps some cruise missile turrets and an occasional dampener or ECM or neut that would cycle slower (on longer cooldowns) then regular ones.

The burst from this structure would affect local chat for far longer periods.

The boss ship here would be a Battleship or a pair of Battlecruisers. Perhaps a pair of BCs that can somewhat remotely rep each other, or the structure. The bounties would be higher of course, and in addition, give it a rare chance of dropping some low end faction loot.

The third one, would spawn rarely, and would be roughly the difficulty of an FOB to take out, but without infinite rat spawns and not based on how many ships are attacking it, so it could be taken out by 3-5 experienced / vet players, or 10+ new players or alphas.

The boss ships would be a team of elite battleships, defenses would include some random ECM, dampeners, Webs, neuts etc. but they would cycle faster. the boss ships could do a bit better job at remotely repping either structure or each other.

The burst from the communications disruption structure here would shut down local permamently until the structure is destroyed. The rewards would consist of same usual event stuff + 1 guaranteed but crappy faction loot piece, but RNG based and replaced with a small chance for an actually nice faction loot piece.

These would occur across all areas of space, even wormholes, even though wormhole dwellers will not be affected by loss of local, they can still go and finish the event sites.


Jita chat everywhere with no filter options?

Opposite. It would basically remove local, or scramble it, or cause delays, or whatever else can be implimented.

Doesn’t make just yet sense to me. Local chat is, and always has been, a hard component of the game, but even if you were to disable it would players still be on their player channels. So you’d only wouldn’t get to see who is in a system. Would d-scan be disabled, too?

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i think this just confirmed it for me. i had thought you were just a troll on here but you actually don’t have a grasp on game mechanics do you?

as for op this is a bad idea. best part about eves events is you can 100% ignore them


I bet I know more than you do. And seeing how you don’t even care to discuss the topic does it only confirm it for all of us.

That event is already running all the time. You scan a wormhole, get inside and enjoy various NPC sides with no local around. And the payout is great too.


… but i did discus the topic.

you just said local has always been a hard component of the game. yet anyone with a basic understanding knows this is a soft mechanic.

you pointed out players would just use their private chat chs when this is irrelevant as again anyone with proper understanding knows that is at best an auxiliary use of local. “ONLY” wouldn’t get to see who was in a system. that is the main use of local ffs

No. Player channels are a soft component. Local is a hard component.

No. My reply was to OP’s idea, not to you. It’s a reminder that disabling local doesn’t stop players from communicating.

Dude, you’ve replied to several comments of mine now and you come awfully across as depressed.

The only hard component is in my trousers. What are you guys rambling about?

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… that’s why it works completely different depending on what area of space you are in? yeah that’s what i would call “hard” too :roll_eyes:

It’s always there but it doesn’t always work. You go to Jita you’ll be lucky if you can spot a name in the 1000+ list. Go to a wormhole and nobody who’s there is listed even though the window still exists.

So while the window for local is a hard component the content of it is not.


Dude, only you are talking about WH-space. OP merely pointed out that it doesn’t make much sense for WH-space.

What’s wrong with you?

yet you said game not k-space

You make that “hard/soft” stuff up just based on personals preferences, don’t you?

Sure, some game mechanics are older and some are newer. Some mechanics are typical and/or unique to EVE while others are more or less just what CCP came up with at the given development sprint. But I am quite sure that after the sov changes, jump fatigue and the (near) end of Player Owned Stations considering any mechanic as a given constant is highly speculative.

For the original idea of events that remove the “local chat intel”: I guess it would be great fun for the good informed and organized players and could cause tons of drama for those that get jumped.

EDIT: The event would be remembered, but only for the local changes and the explosions that followed. Not for whatever other content was involved.

So that switched on your tunnel vision?

I’ve been playing the game before there was WH-space. Local is and always has been a hard component of the game. WH-space is being the exception, but OP already mentioned it himself. Hence I was asking about d-scan. What’s not to understand?

That dude is just a troll. Personally I like the events as do a lot of people, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing them. And something that disrupts comms with an objective to bring them back online would be pretty nice.

And its just an idea I’m throwing around, doesnt have to be limited to local, could be affecting all chat channels but for shorter duration, or whatever. Also the scalability of it difficulty wise would be nice so that no players get excluded from the content. hell, you can even make it so that structure core has to be salvaged to open or something like that, so players have to sit there for a minute or 2 providing targets.

There really is a ton of stuff that could be done.

that’s great there are also a lot that don’t care for them. lets keep the sandbox open and not muddle people up with environment gameplay they have no interest in. incursions are bad enough


yeah holding true to the core ideals of eve.

a sand box where the game play is created primarily by players and ccp just supplies the environments and tools.

so anal

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