Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

Hello guys, thanks for your services, can’t wait to transfer my shtload of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Just used RFF for the first time. Being new to both Eve and the use of courier services there was a slight learning curve on my part. My mistake was in thinking the “3 days” was the total time. It isn’t. There are 3 days to accept the contract, then 1 day to complete. So it could be up to 4 days total. However, my items were safely delivered on the third day. I found the price to be well worth it considering I’d have to fly/move over 510Km3 of items and ships over 21 jumps. The time and risk involved is well worth the contract price. I will definitely be using RFF again in the future.

Thank you to all of RFF and to the wonderful pilot who safely and quickly delivered my assets. You all are the best!

I want to provide you with Korean translation.
I hope you’ll let me.
I don’t need any compensation and if there’s anything I want, it’s friendship.

It’s a very organized service overall, after setting up the contract, my goodies got delivered to our new staging after a night’s sleep. Be sure to leave a tip tho :wink:
Which frog, the ceo is very approachable.
Keep being awesome RFF.

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Thanks to the Red Frog crew for a seamless experience moving 17 jumps with all my gear.

Much appreciated. Thank you.

Another satisfied customer. I moved from Amarr space to Caldari, and the things I didn’t want to re-buy were delivered within 18 hours. Excellent service!

chad speed

Amazing service from Profile - James_Greene - EVE Online Forums
Tip your driver!

Thanks very much Red Frog Freight folks! My first RFF contract arrived successfully and promptly and it will not be my last.

Ty for your services!

Thanks for smooth transaction and successful completion of contract!

Best Employer.

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Just used Red Frog Freight for the 1st time and am very happy

Thank you for a great service o7

Very good service i am very happy many tnks for Help keep good job

Very good service i am very happy tnks Red Frog :nerd_face: :100: :dizzy:

This corp cannot be faulted IMHO. I’ve used them many times and always had good results. I am about to use them again and was reminded they appreciate a good word, which they certainly deserve.2023-02-26T14:20:00Z

Fly safe o7

Reliable service that has remained unchanged over the years :slight_smile:

Thank you for excellent service.
after losing 5 days of work to a gank at dock to station it has been a relief to be able to rely on excellent freight service to not experience the same again.

Excellent and quick service. Put up three contracts last night for a 23 jump move, all of my stuff was delivered to my new home when I logged in after work today. 10/10 would definitely utilize the service again.