Red Frog Freight - High sec freight service

Been gone from EVE for 5+ years on a health hiatus. I’m finally back to start up the forges and get going again… and lo’ and behold what do I see? The “Frogs” are still here, same as it ever was! Dammit! Going to make this old retired man cry tears of joy seeing you guys still here! It’s time to get busy once again! So glad to be back… and with all the new changes, [nearly 6 years much has changed!] I just know it’s going to be fun once again! Talk to you soon Red/Black/Purple Frogs! - Respectfully, Duke


Great service ! recommend these guys for sure

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Fantastic freight service at a fantastic price! Will most definitely use RFF again.

How do I become a Frogger?

Go to channel More Profit and see the info in the MOTD about how to join.

Always a good service, make a contract, go to work and when I’m back home my stuff has arrived. :slight_smile:

Love RFF. great service. PFT is great also!

amazing service, same day delivery, very fast, no fuss, 10/10

These guys Rock . Timley pickup and drop off . Friendly also . Service with a Smile. !!! :slight_smile:

Absolutely Amazing Service!!