Red triangle for CPU Overload on Minmatar frigate fits - Any suggestions appreciated!

I have over 11 million skill points after playing five months or so. However on several suggested frigate fits others are flying that I have been given for Rifters, Breachers, and Firetails, I can not use them because of the “red triangle” indicating CPU overload. I believe I have maxxed the skills related to CPU development and Weapon upgrades noted by the triangle for Minmatar ships. It also does not show any missing “orange triangle” skills. I have asked corp mates and they are stumped as well. I have all the “Magic 14” skills, all at three…many at 4…some at 5.

It is pretty frustrating when the red triangle provides rudimentary info saying I need more CPU development skills and weapon upgrade skills yet doesn’t point out which ones….grrrr. Any help in figuring out what “CPU Overload” skills I need to remove the red triangle would be appreciated. I must be missing some “obvious” skill.

Below is some of my skills that I believe are related to the Minmatar frigates.

Minmatar Frigates - 4
CPU Management 5
Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5
Capacitor Management 5
Capacitor Sys Op 5
Power Grid Management 5

Weapon Upgrades 5
Capacitor Emissions 4
Spaceship Command 5
Shield management 4
Shield Upgrades 4
Shield Ops 4
Gunnery 5
Controlled Bursts 5
Sharpshooter 4
Small autocannon specialization 3
Small artillery specialization 4

I have two accounts and have run into the problem on both with the red triangle appearing on what I assume are relatively low level fits given to me by others. I also tried using the 10 mil isk implant for CPU…didn’t help…and lost it in a FW battle.

Well, there’s also the projectile weapon rigging skill. But projectile rigs increase PG usage, not CPU. So, training that would help the former, but not the latter.

Anyway, can you link a few of the fits in question. Might help us get to the bottom of this. (open the fit in game, click copy to clipboard, and then paste it here).

[Rifter, Arty Rifter]
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer
Multispectrum Coating II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Initiated Compact Warp Disruptor

280mm Howitzer Artillery II
280mm Howitzer Artillery II
280mm Howitzer Artillery II

Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Ionic Field Projector II
Small Projectile Ambit Extension II

Nanite Repair Paste x1
Quake S x3

[Breacher, Breacher ]
IFFA Compact Damage Control
Ballistic Control System II
Overdrive Injector System II

Small Capacitor Booster II
Small Shield Booster II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
J5 Enduring Warp Disruptor

Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II

Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

Hobgoblin II x2

Nanite Repair Paste x40
Scourge Fury Light Missile x1000
Navy Cap Booster 50 x25
Mjolnir Fury Light Missile x1100
Inferno Precision Light Missile x1259

For this fit…I still need drone and light missile skills that I have in que. But again…the red triangle is the main concern.

Okay, so PYFA shows first fit to be over on CPU, even with all skills at V. So, you do in fact need something else to help you fit it. The EE-601 (1% CPU) implant is sufficient, and costs all of 700k. So, I think that’s a good option for that fit.

You could also try making cheap abyssals (i.e. decayed + 5MN Compact MWD). But I’m not sure that it’s worth it for a disposable PvP fit when the CPU implant can also make the fit work for so cheap.

Alright. The Breacher fit requires all related skills to V (including Launcher rigging), or you can get launcher rigging to IV, and then use the EE-601 implant again -which is what I recommend. Don’t get me wrong, getting launcher rigging to V would be nice, but I’m willing to bet that you’d be better served by getting it to IV, and then training other stuff.

I also highly recommend that you check out PYFA. You can import your character skills, and do things like see the effects of implants, drugs, remote reps, boosts, and training skills to a particular level. And, it has other neat features like damage graphs and the ability to see EHP against particular damage types.

Hopefully, that clears things up for you. And if you have any more questions (including about making cheap abyssals), don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thanks Shipwreck for the response and suggestions. I will check them out over the next day and post the results. Much appreciated!!

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