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Three Portals to Look Through

New Dynamic Front for the West to Open

Three new electrical powerhouses for the West.

I see Saudi Arabia building waste power plants being built in third world countries and then first world countries selling our trash to the third world countries very cheaply to power the electrical grid of the third world country.

The waste that would normally end up in landfills is sold to second and third world countries that would then solve their electrical grid issues along with reducing our landfill trash footprint by burning our trash in their waste factories that generates electricity.

Of all of the bad things that have come about in the last 20 years, the wars and starvation, the waste factory that generates electricity will create a lot of new jobs in both the U.S. and the second and third world countries.

Other waste factories that can be built would be waste factories that melt down old cars. The melting of cars into ingots of American steel generates heat, heat that can be used to boil water to produce steam to turn turbines that create electricity.

Another waste factory would recycle plastic that is collected every week from homes across the U.S. The generated from the plastic into solid plastic blocks would be used to generate electricity much the same as the other two waste to electricity generators.

All three would be employed by environmental supporters who would be more than adamant about ensuring their electrical plants were kept lit. The plastics factory and electrical plant would be built in Flint, Michigan with 100% of all recycled plastic going to fuel the plant in Michigan.

I hope nuclear revival happens or fusion and those other fancy techs. Hear they got salt powered reactors lol.

Safe. Low Emissions. Provides tons of power on an efficient scale vs windmills that don’t always turn or solar panels that don’t always have sunshine…

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I did my part and brought another combustion engine!

I’m a big fan of nuclear, but the engineering problems associated with a green energy grid primarily have to do with mass grid-scale energy storage.

There was an engineering shift towards classifying powerplants into „dispatchable“ (available quickly and human controlled) and „non-dispatchable“ (not human controlled, or not available quickly) power generating stations. This was in addition to the „baseload“ and „load following“ powerplants. Nuclear tends to be „baseload dispatchable“ power but what’s needed are „load-following dispatchable“ or at least something better able to turn on/off due to the Duck Curve problem with a green grid.

Mass grid scale energy storage solves that problem but the technology doesn’t exist yet. So instead, for example, the USA built out massive amounts of Natural Gas fossil fuel dispatchable, load-following powerplants to act as a „temporary grid scale battery“. They’re on standby for peak consumption and mismatches between green generation at solar noon (non-dispatchable) and consumer peak consumption (evenings).

There’s also problems with grid scale energy phasing and stability from disparate green sources, but those stability issues are another story.

Anyway, the idea was that less pollution would happen because of the „clean natural gas“ propaganda of the 2000‘s and they’d only be used at peak times, the rest of the time was green. So the fossil fuel lobby pushed hard for including fossil fuel buildout as part of the „green transition“. They promised the excess capacity of unused natural gas powerplants at off-peak times was OK because who would want an intermittent, interruptible power supply?

Then bitcoin entered the scene, so now all these Natural Gas powerplants meant to stay off and save us CO2 during off-peak times are instead powering data centers that don’t mind cheap electricity in exchange for having their power supply be interruptible and intermittent.

Unfortunately, no nuclear technology available at scale fixes this problem, as bringing up or shutting down a reactor at scale involved natural phenomena (ex: reactor poisoning) that makes it difficult to control. Ideas like other fuel sources tend to be underfunded research areas in the USA for the simple reason of „could it proliferate plutonium? Yes? Pull funding“. And also nuclear waste processing is illegal, but that’s also yet a separate issue (but it’s illegal for the same overzealous plutonium proliferation issue).

Molten Salt, SMR, and Thorium type reactors have their benefits but similar load-following issues that don’t make it attractive compared to, say, straightforward Vanadium battery (or other wild battery idea) research.

Fusion has all these problems plus the ongoing shift away from magnetic confinement problems („we can’t completely stop neutron leakage“) towards material research („how can we make the reactor live long in the face of these neutron leaks“). So it’ll still be a while.

So yeah, I’m a fan of nuclear power, but it’s got a lot of headwinds (engineering and political) compared to solving more straightforward grid scale battery problems.

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Nuclear power is nice, but the cost to cleanup a spill is too much.

Besides, a trash based electrical plant can be built near cities and the local trash hauled to the electrical plant.

The only problem is the burn off. How does the plant deal with pollutants put into the air during the burning of trash?

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I actually wanted to be a battery engineer to design the battery of the future. Totally agree man we need a sustainable battery that can last many years beyond what we got now. Who knows what life will throw my way. At least in business I can write a report if something is actually “sustainable” or just thin air.

I saw a video that’s what they do in South Korea and they just scrub the air with filters.

Quick google article: 4 incineration plants lead Seoul’s household waste management - The Korea Times

They make sidewalk/paving bricks from the ash. Cool stuff even tho burning garbage has been around for ages…

Yah, I don’t see the activists up in arms about bitcoin mining. :joy: Legit sucking up all that electric from GPUs/CPUs to produce something no one can touch.

Costs need to be brought down with things like nuclear, red tape needs to be cut, and a sustainable (environmentally, economically, and socially) + scalable electric storage battery needs to be invented to solve the vast swath of problems we face today. We even see that in France their nuclear plants are ageing amid high costs to maintain it but god forbid we end up like Germany and replace all nuclear with coal :laughing:

Great points lo


The real problem is, politicians. Poly Heads dont make money on Green venues because Green venues require less people, which is the ONLY reason Poly Heads don’t support Green venues. More Green venues means fewer ax payers as well, which the Poly Heads need in order to feel special.

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Thank you for using the correct term for it when naming the thread, @DrysonBennington . It is global warming. Right now, even though it isn’t nearer to the equator than Gulf countries, Pakistan is experiencing 49 degrees heat waves already.

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Pakistan is a desert. Of course it’s hot, genius…


Did anything about nuclear reactors, energy storage, or social/legal stuff really bother you that much? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah, you must be a spammer who posts the “I represent the U.S. when I say this…”

Agreed, exporting emissions and trash is horrible. The entire recycling market collapsed when China stopped accepting like 99% of western trash.

And that is going to solve the problem of high electric costs? Pretty big leap ngl.

It’s 2024. Anyone who posts an opposing opinion must be a spammer or a troll. Didn’t you know?

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Usually, they are spammers or trolls.

Another reason that waste plants for plastics need built to provide electricity is because of doctors finding nano and microplastics in men and women, more so men.

Plastics in the reproductive system, will cause health issues for the offspring.

With every new DrysonBennington post I increasingly ask myself, why even bother and save this species?

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This must be the most DrysonBennington electric power plant that has ever been invented.

No, I know that. But with African nations already recycling plastic and rubber to build cheap home building materials from, Africa already has the infrastructure to collect and refine plastic for use in a plastic fired electrical plant.

The smoke from the burning of trash would be well regulated and clean of contamination before it left the stacks.


Maybe look up how a vehicle’s catalytic converter works? Those scrubbers work the same way. Just because you don’t understand how something works doesn’t mean it’s isn’t doing its job.

Not that having no clue what they’re talking about, or the fact that they’ve never been right, has ever stopped a climate crazy from flapping their face hole.