CCP Games and sustainability


I was wondering what sustainability initiatives CCP is apart of. Do they buy carbon credits? Do they have green energy sources for their London servers? Is there a way we can donate PLEX to have ccp buy photovoltaic cells for its office spaces?


That ship sailed into an arbitrary chokepoint a long time ago.

Would be redundant for their main offices in Iceland, at least. The country’s entire electric supply is green.

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Nothing is sustainable, humanly speaking.

I’m sure if you buy and donate a million dollars worth of plex, they would love to do a green initiative just for you.


Which would have been earned. But most of these people whining, didn’t venture anything, risk, anything, and hence, we don’t have to listen to them.

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They closed down a couple of offices and laid off a number of people.


because nature has a credit system and you can prebuy your feck ups, hilarious when you think about it :rofl:

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It’s a huge scam (scam as in, the people are being fooled into believing this is good and useful, like the green recycling dot). A zero sum game.

When you make less co2, i can make more co2.

Wow, the world is saved!

Politicians are assholes.


I saw a carbon credit doubler in Jita, maybe part of this initiative?

I was there to buy ammo and planetary strip mining equipment, didn’t look into it.

Good idea though.


Came here expecting this to be another Eve Is Dying thread. Found an “Earth is dying” thread instead.

As @R4d1o4ct1v3 said, Iceland’s consumer energy is incredibly green across the board. Their main sources of pollution are marine and air traffic, which, given the fact that it’s an island, is difficult to avoid.

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Yep, Iceland is pretty ‘green’ already. And ship and air fuel are things that are being worked on, as it would also be profitable for both ship and airlines to not have to spend money on fuel.

Right now, I think CCP is just trying to keep the doors open with Pearl Abyss’s help.

Even at today’s greatly diminished numbers, being far from what they were in Eve’s hayday, CCP is raking money in. PA would not have spent literally hundreds of millions on defective IP, and the staff/expertise alone aren’t worth nearly that much.

CCP like any other company has problems, money isn’t one of them.

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