Reduction to the number of Hisec Systems

The suggestion is quite simple: Reduce the number of hisec systems overall in New Eden. This means converting some hisec systems into low-sec and some low-sec systems into null-sec. This should be done gradually, only a few systems at a time, until Hisec space has been reduced across the board.

The reasoning for this? Compress the ‘safe zone’ of New Eden to force more competition between players and give more space for sovereignty.

You want even more empty and useless border space? Before High sec or low sec get reduced, we should first fill all existing Null sec space to capacity. Since this is not going to happen at all, you are not going to create more space for “competition between players”, you only create more empty unused space to evade competition. Great idea, if I may say so.

If I may: I will use your little constellation as example:
Your group holds this constellation. If you switch the data display to NPC killed in the last 24 hours, you will notice that about 50% of your constellation is unused. There are no NPCs dying, in other words no one available for PVP; there are no ships dying, in other words no PVP; there are barely any jumps, in other words no one flying around and visiting or flying around available during travel for PVP. Your constellation is very empty of competition, if you allow me that conclusion. With all that unused space in just one constellation, you really want more space?


… is there not enough empty null already for you?


I feel like people are not trying hard enough to beat the big ones around and just want to know when more space will show up in the hopes they can be awake to instantly contest it
But then again nothing is stopping the big ones to be EVEN BIGGER

Highsec has about 13.5% of the star systems (1090 of 8030) and about 75% of the population. The people who want to live in low, null or WH space are already there so adding more systems simply reduces population density and makes it harder to find content.

Decreasing the number of NPC stations would have the same effect, without being silly about it and making the Empires appear even more insignificant than CCP already loves to portray them.
Then Citadels would matter for highsec corps, and meaningful wars over systems without stations could happen.
The stations don’t even need to be ‘removed’ but become a different type of beacon ‘Closed NPC station’ where they refuse capsuleers docking but their own fleets (like the NPC mining fleets) still use it as a spawn and delivery point.

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since i can put any number of citadels into a system why would this start any more fights than already exist with NPC stations present?

Because it becomes possible to actually ‘own’ a system at that point and push people out.
Moon mining is a great step towards that sort of meaningful fighting in highsec.

Sure, a lot of people won’t bother, and some groups will happily co-exist. But some groups won’t.

It also means belonging to corps who have good structures provides more meaning.

Again, sure, not all groups will, a lot of groups will freeport etc, but not everyone will.

not with the number of groups who just have public 0 tax structures all over HS

Why does highsec need conflict? There is plenty of senseless ganking already. And tomorrow you will be hunted down by Blood Raider, Guristas, Serpentis, angel, Sansha, Mordus and Rogue Drones.

So your shopping trip my be cut short by an NPC already. If you want to fight for a system, join faction warfare or goons.

:face_with_monocle: op is right, empire should only consist of only 1 solar system per empire and those should be 0.5, as well as mining should be removed from the game, and the missions in those areas should lead you outside the solar system unless its courier and those should go to the next empire so the alliance can have more empty space.

tl;dr im being completely sarcastic if you cant pick up on it. I have an alpha out in a null corp right now where im mining in a venture and salvaging in a catalyst and everyone around me is ratting in supers. as well as I can travel many jumps by gates and have no reds except for people coming from npc spaces looking for a fight so than they get supers dropped on them.

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Vote Jita for the only existing High-Sec system :joy::joy::joy:

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Slight correction (nothing major). There’s 1212 highsec systems, not 1090.

Doesn’t affect your percentage much, but it’s a common mistake to put it at 1090 systems.

I agree with the majority of you: that reducing the amount of high sec systems or NPC stations is not going to have that much of an effect on the population density in high sec.

However, maybe reducing the yeild of regular ore and value of NPC’s might provide an incentive for people to move out of HS. There could be something like an “exhaust” feature, where belts that are mined out or often by players (aka bots) start to have less and less yield over time. Same thing with some of the ratting. I could see that as a way to move people out of HS.

We already have NPC fleets galore doing the exhaust thing.

What I would really love to see change in terms of mining is to see Ice Belts being dynamic spawns and not static on the same systems. Bots and multiboxers love these whenever server goes down for maintenance.

it’s just blood and guristas…

that’s not how the ice belts work m8…

also these systems are one of the few things fought for in HS not to mention the value of ice systems in null.

For a while there, ice belts in HS were gone at one point right? I think they should be eliminated from High sec due to bots and over mining. Last time I checked, profits from ice mining and moving them from null sec were really low.

Don’t think there was ever a point that they were removed

They were never removed. And what about bots in null sec? They are far more prevalent there than in high sec.

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