Refferal link spam damages new player experience

Does anyone know if there is a cap to how many characters you can have blocked?

There used to be, I assume there still is.

This several years old thread states it is 1024:

And as far as I know any contact including blocked people counts towards that limit.

There was a time when it was common to have conversations in NPC corp chat. The arrival of Hypernet and then the 1M skill point referrals mostly ruined that.

Remove the 1M skill point reward for one. Also, control how many links to Hypernet offers a character can post to public chats, such as Local and NPC Corp during a period of time. Tighten as needed to allow player conversations to emerge again.

At the same time, to avoid excessive.gatekeeping of content away from new players, and ease the skill point thirst, include mechanics for skilling up by experience. If I use small autocannons a lot, I expect skills related to that weapon system to improve. If I use a Rifter a lot, I expect skills linked to the ship and its systems to improve. If I use the market, associated trade skills should improve without having to dedicate passive training time from my queue to those. The real-life analogy would be that skills can be learned through study and experience.

It’s a bit late for the runequest type of progression.

It also benefits those who just plain have more time to play.
EvE’s system, even with its flaws, does have the benefit of gaining SP where a player wants it, while they are offline.

–Gadget remembers the novelty

That’s just early pvp.

Bros just got podded, metaphorically.

Rolled a few new chars in the last week and the spam you get is really annoying. Getting these mails is the last thing someone doing the career agents needs. I am looking at you too, trashy ‘invite everyone’-corp & ‘buyback’ service. Nevermind hypernet.

Always new players.
The spam can be avoided by minimizing the window. Communications happen in Discord and Teamspeak.
The new players are happy to have links to that SP treasure shest.

^is actually a link spammer. Nobody is happy about spam mails or chat spam.

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Don’t forget Troll, too. That’s important.
Yes, I love spam on bread.

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