Refinery Fit Questions

I’m placing a refinery in low sec to do some reactions. I know what I want to do Service Module wise.

I’m wondering what to do about the regular fit, weapons, tank, electronics etc. The thing I am wondering is how much does it really add to the defense of the station. We only have a few defenders and may lose the occasional refinery, so is fitting weapons just a waste or does it make a big difference?

Any advice at all is appreciated!

It may (or may not) enable you to mount a defense against solo-attackers and maybe up to about 3-4 man gangs. Will you be able to defend against a proper gang that is equipped to destroy Structures, no, most likely not especially in lowsec where you have the disadvantage of the enemy being able to use capital ships.

My best bet would be to do some calculations for the profitability of the refinery that you’re planning on erecting, maybe accounting for it’s destruction every few months or so. This includes the structure, it’s services as well as anything else you may fit on it. Depends on the activity in the system you’ve chosen as well as your reputation with the local “pirates”.

If it’s left alone for longer periods than you’ve calculated with then good for you, making more profit than you expected :smile:

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