Are there plans for refinery specific add ons

I own a refinery and have the standup moon laser fitted which takes up a service slot but is type specific to refinery’s.

My question is are there plans to add more type specific modules IE

A mining Forman’s office service that allows you to ether fit mining Forman links to your structure that boost a target ship/the spawned bet or allow you to buy and deployable mining Forman beacons in your moon asteroid field.

A security office that allows you to buy and deploy a limited amount of defences in your mining belt ( similar to the NPC guns you get on gas sites) to attack aggressors of the owners fleet only (can’t be set to Gank just anyone) and they could be guns or drone launch bays that you can put drones in or could come with drones that have ether a limited flight time and repair timers before they can re-deploy.

All these modules could have there own fuel costs to active and maintain just like all service modules and would have interesting game content!

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Unfortunately I don’t have an answer, I’m not an Industrialist so I don’t keep up on any news pertaining to that content. Hopefully somebody who is familiar with that content will post an answer to your question.

However I will say those are some interesting ideas you got.

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