Random Idea: Deploying Refinery at Null Sec/Wormhole Stars

As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve got a personal belief that Stars are a game asset not currently being used for anything of significance.

Right now, Refineries anchored @ moons can activate a laser that spawns an asteroid belt at player chosen intervals. What if that concept was expanded further to have a module that does something when the station is anchored at the star?

At chosen intervals, that refinery could spawn either an acceleration gate or wormhole that leads to a highly valuable field of resources for mining vessels to harvest. when the designated time period end, something happens (gameplay wise) that destroys everything in the pocket. (Lore wise, maybe it could be a solar flare?)

If you tie the value and density of the pocket to the stations reinforcement vulnerability windows, it might encourage more PVP conflict (even more so if that pocket represents a significant chunk of the systems minable (sp?) resources)

The refineries anchored to moons aren’t spawning asteroid belts. They are shooting chunks off the moon.

Spawning gates and wormholes isn’t even vaguely equivalent.

Hard no from me.

You should check out what the Trigs are working on in Raravoss atm, it certainly appears as if they’re mining the sun :slight_smile:


When the moon chunks detonate it becomes an asteroid belt around the refinery

Acceleration gates and wormholes are equivalent in that they are a single access point portal into another location. They are also equivalent in that they have ship type usage restrictions.

The key here is the refinery isn’t making an asteroid belt out of nothing - it’s literally BLOWING UP THE MOON in order to create the asteroids that can be mined. There is a logical mechanic, even if we aren’t currently actually depleting moons permanently via this feature.

There is nothing ‘equivalent’ about spawning deadspace pockets from a star just because someone built a structure next to it. There’s no logic to how a refinery would generate this, or any need for the resources to be added to the game - EVE is already resource rich, which is why the scarcity project is ongoing.

This suggestion (which should be in Player Features & Ideas, not Mining & Extraction, by the way) doesn’t address any existing needs, and makes no sense from a gameplay mechanics, lore, or economy perspective.

If you want mineable deadspaces, cycle security missions until you get one with mineable asteroids.

If you want to mine in wormholes, just go to a wormhole.

This doesn’t add any PvP incentive (people already hunt players in mission pockets and wormholes as-is, why would this make them more interested in doing that?) and brings no value to the game.

Thank you for responding candidly.


I respect your desire to come up with uses for stars; I agree that they don’t do a whole lot right now (except maybe influence whether or not the Trigs will really go after a specific system?)

Instead of looking at it from a ‘spawn things’ perspective, look at it from a ‘here are gaps in current gameplay that can be addressed by leveraging the local star’. For example (and completely off the wall, I am not actually suggesting this) you could suggest influencing wormholes in a solar system or region based on the mass of stars in the area, as the mass effects surrounding space and could be proposed to impact the size/stability of wormhole terminii (sp?). Or adjustments to the ore/ice/gas spawning mechanics to be dependent on the actual composition of a solar system rather than security status. But make sure you have thoroughly considered the impacts and the mechanics, as well as what actual value the change brings to the game, before putting the thoughts out there for other to critique.

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