Better Moon Goo in WHs

This will probably get a lot of hate, but not everyone wants to go to Null for their resources or be dependent on Null exporters for them. I agree HiSec is CareBear land; I am not suggesting buffing HiSec.

There is a lot of logistical complication involved with operating in a wormhole. It is arguably one of the least rewarded domiciles in the game. But to those of us who live there, it is fun, mysterious, exciting, and one of our favorite activities.

Refineries came out almost two years ago, yet wormholers do not get to reap the benefits in any way that would justify the risk of standing up a refinery in a wormhole. Give our moons the ability to produce resources required for T2/T3 manufacturing.

This would encourage content from wormhole roamers and taking out refineries. It would encourage the indy playerbase to spend more time in wormholes. It would stimulate the manufacture of more powerful and capable ships in wormholes to allow for more strategic and powerful Worm Hole Combat. It would create more consistent and larger mining fields in wormholes (because pilots would feel it is actually worth the risk to undertake these operations). It would create more content for wormhole combat and ganking of these miners.

Wormholers take a lot of risk operating with no local. This proposition seems to me to be a no brainer. Null-sec is practically a blue donut. You want to create more interesting activity in >0sec WH space - put the resources there, thus nerfing the NullSec monopoly.

Just my 0.02.

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