Refugees Alliance are recruiting


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Refugees are a WH alliance looking to bolster our member corporation numbers across all disciplines.

Our member corporations specialise in specific areas, so if your looking to get involved in anything specific, we will forward you to the relevant Member Corporation. We have our own C2 and access to several friendly C3/4’s

Refugees are involved in the following activitites

low sec/null sec pvp
co-alition ops(recently defending one our friends from being evicted from a C4 with over 150 pilots in the fleet)
PVP roams
WH Mining, with Rorqual AND orca support (for major ops)
T2/T3 ship building
Citadel construction

We have:

Experienced leadership
Forums(coming soon)

Our goals include moving into Capital ship building and moving into our own C4.

So if your looking for a new corp refugees can give you what you want and what you need.

Join our discord and come chat with us

PS we are not currently recruiting any further corps to the alliance, however if you feel your corp may be able to contribute. feel free to contact me here or ingame.

Fly safe

CEO Inside Out Operations
Refugees Command

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