Regarding Energy Neutralizer and Energy Nosferatu

Хочу поговорити стосовно таких модулів, як Energy Neutralizer та Energy Nosferatu.
Мені здається, що дана механіка (два окремих модулі) вже трішки застаріла і пора вносити зміни до гри. А саме - об’єднати ці два модулі в один і зробити можливість перемикати режими вручну чи за допомогою додаткових скриптів. Думаю, що технології 124-го року вже дозволяють провести дану модернізацію, тим більше, що сама конструкція модулів підходить для цього. Дякую.

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As the language for this area of the forums is english, I’ve gone ahead and translated the original post below:

I want to talk about such modules as Energy Neutralizer and Energy Nosferatu.
It seems to me that this mechanic (two separate modules) is already a little outdated and it’s time to make changes to the game. Namely - combine these two modules into one and make it possible to switch modes manually or with the help of additional scripts. I think that the technologies of the 124th year already allow this modernization, especially since the very design of the modules is suitable for this. Thank you.


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Max siphoning and dissipating it as compared to siphoning a bit less and adding it to your own cap sounds similar enough to “script”.
I would emphasize the rules/drawbacks of nosferatu’s tho.

Would we add additional scripts? Siphoning range, amount and not just script for neut vs siphoning.

Feels like a lot of trouble to fiddle with modules that already work instead of creating a new kind of module that did something interesting.

I’m still for instance hoping they will introduce a hybrid between the web and tractor that can allow other ships to be pulled about. Like tractor beams in popular sci fi.


I don´t really think that a change like that is really needed or even smart in regards to fitting.

In most cases the overall fitting of your ship will largely depend on which of the 2 types of modules you are using.

Let´s take the extreme example of blood raider ships… Flying solo or in small gangs Nosferatus with an active tank is perfectly viable as you can keep your own capacitor at healthy levels while repairing your ship and sucking the enemy ships capacitor empty without the need for heavy investments in additional capacitor modules.

On a Bhaalgorn or Ashimmu that means you have more slots free for either damage mods (in case of low slots) or med slots for another webifier / tracking disrupter or whatever EW modules you want to use.

Using Neutralizers instead would mean you either have to sacrifice tackle / ew and or damage to get enough capacitor to keep your tank and the neutralizers running.

Neuts however are really great on these ships if you run a buffer tank setup in a small to medium sized gang and have the option that somebody feeds capacitor to you. In such a group you are far less likely to be required to use as many slots for tackle, in most cases a webifier or 2 is all you need which leaves more room for a cap booster / batteries and so on.

So while it might look convenient to combine them into a single module with a script to change between the 2 functions, in my opinion there is not much practical use for that option as you will decide which one you will use before you undock anyway.

And personally when I actually log into the game once in a while… I like that when I switch into another ship I just need to look at my high slots and instantly know which setup I have on the ship and if it´s the one I want right now without checking everything else :).

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I’m against to
neust and nos are fine IMO

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