Augmented Graviton Reactor Bonus

Hello the description of the Submodule says:

5% bonus to capacitor recharge time
3% bonus to energy warfare resistance

Role Bonus:
20% bonus to ship power output

What exactly is “energy warfare resistance”? Is that resistance against being neuted?


Thank you.

I’ve recently read about a nos in a quite old forum thread (2009). Took me some time to find out it refers to the energy nosferatu module. Is that still a normal acronym/word over here or is “neut” regarded to be just the same?

A “Neut” would be a module that drains your (costs you) cap, and drains/damages your targets cap as well.

A “Nos” would be a similar module in that it drains your targets Cap, but recharges yours… there is slightly more to it than that though.

Either way, they both fall into the same category regarding the resistance.

Going off of this, a Nos will only steal your targets capacitor until each capacitor pools are equalized (Barring one or two ships that allow this to drain the enemy regardless)

So the answer is "yes, Nos is a normal word over here, too."
Thank you :slight_smile:

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