Should Energy Neutralized and Nosferatu

become percentage drain?
I think these two things straight up kill active tanking in PVP, just few suck and you’re dead fish. Especially effective with drone boats. Maybe up the range a little.

That’s what cap boosters are for…

with 100 per drain I feel really helpless. even with with cap boosters :frowning:

Cap batteries give resistance against these 2 modules, didn’t tested how effective it is though.

Percentage drain would make BS capping out frigate and such impossible.

There is a counter for everything…this is eve after all. Active tank is pretty powerful if done correctly…however the hard counter being cap warfare. So if faced with someone using cap warfare…buffer tank and projectile weapons are the counter in that case. You can also try some of the other means of countering like ECM or neuting back. Rock paper scissors my friend…no one tactic is best…rather the right tactic for the right situation.

nice, cap battery give a nice good bonus and resistance. didn’t know this.

Yeah but it is not as much as it could be.

little vid on smalls nos’s with frigates i made

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Cap batteries are a thing. Cap boosters always were. ASBs don’t use cap when burning charges. Neuts cost a high slot … CCP has done a lot to find a balance around this aspect of gameplay, and some of the more recent changes have added a few items to the rock paper scissors.

An active tanked superblingy on the edge PvE fit always deserves to die fast in a PvP encounter, since that’s the point. Don’t get caught.

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