Regarding NPC's, hi-sec, and ship loss / pod loss

There is quite a lot of information I have found on Triglavians, but also other NPC entities in New Eden, specifically the ones new people like me might encounter in hi-sec.

I want to know that I understand the mechanics on this correctly, mostly for myself, but also so this forum post might be useful to others who are new or returning.

Are the following statements correct?

  1. If Triglavian ships attack you, they will not only destroy your ship, but they will also pod you (assuming you don’t manage to warp away)

  2. Blood Raider ships will show up at asteroid belts in systems with a Forward Operating Base, and will destroy your ship and also pod you (again, assuming you don’t warp away first)

  3. Blood Raider ships will also show up at asteroid belts in any system you are in if your standings with the Blood Raiders are not to their favor. See #2 for what they are capable of doing.

  4. Autothysian ships (a.k.a. Drifters) may show up at gates or other locations in hi-sec, but will not attack you unless provoked or you’ve given them reason to attack you via interactions with them in the past.

  5. Edencom ships will destroy your ship and pod you (if you don’t warp away first), but only if you’ve proven you are siding with the Triglavians

Is that information accurate?

Also: specifically regarding the Blood Raiders ships: If they show up in Punishers in an asteroid belt, will they attack anyone who is there, even if they have a 0.00 standing with them?
Will they target an individual with the lowest standing first?

  1. Correct.
  2. Correct.
  3. Incorrect - Each system in EVE is owned by someone (either NPC or players in case of SOV nullsec), each system also has it’s own NPC pirate faction that can spawn in asteroid belts. For hi-sec these pirates are always based on the “lore” pirate of the system owner (Caldari vs Guristas, Gallente vs Blood Raiders, Minmatar vs Angels, Amarr vs Sansha)
  4. Unsure
  5. Unsure

4 and 5 are correct as well. Drifters and their little friends won’t attack you unprovoked and EDENCOM will behave like the Trigs and shot/pod you if you have negative standing with them.

On the plus side, if you have negative standings to EDENCOM the Trigs will like you and won’t shoot or pod you.

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To add to no 3.

Normal (non FOB) rats will NOT pod you, they will just (try to) destroy your ship.


For 2 you get Blood Raider FOBs in Amarr & Minmatar space. Guristas FOBs in Caldari and Gallente space

For 3 the rats in Gallente space are Serpentis. Blood Raiders are western Amarr while Sansha are eastern Amarr and Ammatar.


Thanks for the correction. Totally forgot that Amarr had 2 Pirates and that Serpentis existed

Thanks for the replies. That clears things up even more.

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