Regional Capitals

I Think a great addition to the game would be if every region in the game had its own capital system, when it comes to Sov Null there wouldn’t be one unless you can declare it.

in the Catch Region is home to Fraternity.
who’s capital system is: F4R2-Q

Goonswarm’s Home region is Delve
who’s capital system is: 1DQ1-A

if you bring up information in game about “The Forge”, no capital is declared.
just a list of regions and constellations.
I would make a strong case that Jita is a Capital.

with the scope videos and the discussions of politics and movements, perhaps diplomats can be seen moving from capital to capital in fact perhaps this could even be some minor in game event where if you have standings above a certain level with a group you have to haul diplomats (passengers) to [insert applicable capital here]

Peace talks between 2- 8 groups are taking place, representatives are being sent to… [Location X].

perhaps players who blow up ships containing diplomats take a negative to standings with that group rather than the pilot who’s ship was lost.

this COULD help bring the political situation taking place in the game more to the forefront.
as well as those who want to sabotage it.

something to ponder maybe.

TLDR: declaring capitals in each region could expand on the political aspects of game play such as event missions qand game’s narrative points pretaining to the lore

the political aspect of this game doesnt need a capital oO

if you want to bring up a capital system in every region then go ahead and think which system could be capital but it does not change anything ! A would still shoot B and C will still hiding behind his rock dont care if they know which system is a Capital System !

Jita is not a capitol. Jita is a trade hub for capsuleers within the space controlled by the Caldari State, whose capitol is Caldari Prime.

There are also already missions that exist where you do tasks for the various governments within the game.

I kind of like the bit of realism that, as powerful as you are as a capsuleer, you’re still one being among trillions, and therefore don’t have that massive of an impact on the politics of the NPCs.

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