New Arena Style Region Where No Cap's Are Allowed

Small region:

12 systems (Small enough to find other people but large enough for it to not be dominated by 1 entity)
Location: Between Geminate / Moulden Heath / Etherium Reach and Great Wild Land’s
has 4 connections 1 to each nabouring region.

Maybe a 2nd of these between querious stain catch and tash - murkon just so both sides of the galaxy have places to travel too without it being unfair to 1 side. (3 null 1 low entrance theme.)

The Idea of this new region has 3 main purpose’s:

1: A place where no one can live permanently, no station’s no structure’s no mobile depo’s nothing.

2: A place where roamer’s can go for content without having to travel 100 jump’s to meet other people that are looking for pvp as well, since no one can stay there, there wont be ratters that can just keep aligned to a structure.

Basically allowing people with less than 3 hour’s a day to spend on pvp a way to quickly find it, as the usual 100 jump roam takes about 3-4 hours.

3: A place where no capital can exist, the systems are cyno inhibited naturally without a way to turn them off, in this day and age of capital suppression It would be like a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about cyno drop’s onto your pvp fleet / solo roam. (This will also make it a bit more balanced as people living within drop range would naturally have a massive advantage if these systems where not cyno jammed.)

This would also have the side benefit of allowing people to roam in battle ship’s as battle ships are big shiny hot drop targets by nature.

Law: It would be nice if there was some law behind them so that they didn’t just feel random, if someone has idea’s it would be epic!

Thanks for making it this far, please leave a comment on your thought’s below.

no, your talking about a mix of Highsec/losc mechanics with the probability (high) of removing PvP from the rest of the game…simply to fill a filthy casual ‘want’.

and even if this was to come to pass…you forgot about orca’s and cloaking devices…you really think players would not find a way to live here and camp it? I suggest you look at WH history.

But your idea is really just garbage.

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Faction warfare is good for finding small fights.


Thanks Daichi I’ll check out FW, would you say FW is a major part of the game where its worth investing a lot of time into, where CCP updates it often?

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Wahaha Salty much huh :] Don’t pop a brain cell from your freek out. What would you clasify as a non-casual btw

Also there is 0 high sec mechanic’s there, its all 0.0 space, if you mean not having cap’s then that’s because ■■■■ caps they ruin the game imo. I don’t see why cap’s have to have influence in every place outside of high.

I have a frigate pilot and I just take him to small FW plexes and wait. Most of the time another small, sometimes 2, show up for a fight. Sometimes not, so then you just collect your LP and move to the next site.


Nice, I like part’s of it, the idea of not being dropped on is tempting but it might pull all roams to these locations instead of normal roam locations like into delve and other carebear region’s with lots of kill potential, making it safer to farm there which would be bad for the game.

Maybe a better Idea would be to remove access to certain area’s for cap’s for those that want a Capless existence outside of (high sec - major boring). I would vote for NPC null space to have cap access revoked, or at least a way to cyno inhibit the space there, as you can only place those structures in sov space.

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Hasn’t been updated in a while, but I’d say it gets a decent enough amount of traffic. Folks don’t take things too seriously either.

You don’t have to join fw to take part. But it pays better if you do.

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Yup, most of my fights are with pirates, more than half.

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This idea has been reinventing it self again and again, as far back as I can recall.

Its not that this idea is bad in it self, its that, its not needed in EVE.

Go into WH, or much of low-sec, or even Providence, you don´t get dropped with supers or capitals by Provi-block. (You may get blobbed).

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