Region Lock ... Captials?


Lock captials to the region/constellation in which they were built; Watch to see what happens to EvE Online.


Everyone uses exclusively carriers inside their own space, all citadels are subcap fit, and borders never move?

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Would be near impossible to dislodge someone from their space as players would build caches of capitals in important systems and attackers trying to take said systems couldn’t bring capitals

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Try evicting a WH Corp that has hundreds of Capital ships, now apply that everywhere.

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Thats recently been done, though they sd most of their stuff on the undock.

Was there an awoxer in the Corp? That sounds like it should have been an easy victory for the WH corp.

it was hk vs init, hk lost their home system… where have you been??? xD

Living under a rock

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I live on top of one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m reading about it now.

Back to the OP the only lock out for capitals I would be ok with personally is from empire space(low sec).

I think not lock but a need to use them locally vs rats; and more risk; currently the rats/anoms dont really pose any risk to capitals, certainly not supers; and there’s no reason or need to ‘raid out’ like people often do in wormholes.

Incidently init used a raven frog fleet, i love the meta tbh, very good tactics and counters of allsorts employed rather than just the simpler kind of fleet warfare - capitals really struggle with them. I think they will be nerfing them soon, personally id prefer something else, like a specific counter - maybe even a bubble that stops it or something.

Possibly another script that the HIC Bubble can use… throw it up around a Cyno and any incoming ships get stuck ‘on the edges’ rather than ~7500m from cyno? Give it a large enough radius to be annoying/prevent a cap fleet being effective?

Or just an anti-cyno field that the HIC bubble can use?


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