Regional Pricing

First of all, i am sorry if this topic has been brought to attention before, my searches said no, so now i will just make my point.

I started this game around 2007 i believe. Had amazing time, had some really bad time, i came and go. But last time i did came back this time, i had quite sad realisation. It is simply unoffardable.

It’s by no means CCP’s fault. The country i live in went through a brutal devaluation. But the fact is, the 4 accounts i did pay while i was a student, now is a single one is a huge expense.

I am not talking about it to garner sympathy. This game is after all is a business. And on that point, i truly believe some form of regional pricing would bring a bigger playerbase, and a lot more customers willing to pay.

Steam did it for a reson.

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We used to have this, then people started using VPN to abuse it.



I still think (or hope?) it can be done with some safeguard.

here were i live most companies practice regional pricing
CCP is not one of them
IMO CCP lose a lot of money because of that
but people here on the forums don’t like this topic

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It was just stated why they can’t do that. Because players abuse VPNs and show they are from Nigeria and pay $1 for Omega. If everyone did that, CCP would go broke…

its incredible that google , amazon , blizzard , Uber , steam, microsoft , apple , etc…etc…etc…
can do and CCP cant

btw my country is n10 in spending and n3 in number of players in the world , your hubris will bite you back sooner or latter

So basically you want players in more financially stable countries to pay full price and keep the servers running for you…

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Most of those companies have access to much bigger portions of users’ identities(if not the entire thing) than CCP does.

The reason why CCP can’t offer true regional pricing is because all of the game’s premium functions (PLEX, injectors, skins) would effectively baseline at the cheapest rate of acquisition. Imagine it only costs $2 to subscribe in BR, so a month of training’s worth of SP would be equivalent to $2, and not $15-20 as it is now. The injector market would get absolutely crushed, with SP becoming extremely cheap and devalued.

That said, maybe anyone who provides identity information that confirms residence in specific areas of the world should be given access to 1-2 regionally-priced subscriptions, possibly with the extraction function disabled.


i proposed subscription regional price
the rest not
many times here

Indeed. PLEX and injector prices are tied to the subscription cost. Having regional pricing would royally mess with the market for those items…

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steam resolved internally the problem of game card bought in Russia for example
is in the best interest of CCP to do the same IMO
the customer don’t have to do ■■■■

they don’t want my money i give it to others ,my monty video game spending is relevant i bet

We used to have this, then people started using VPN to abuse it.

Yes sadly this happened.
Now poorer countries cant afford da game

this is BS
you can use VPN to play a movie on Netflix
but you cant use VPN to PAY for it , thats illegal
I’m not a expert but if this is possible why most people in the USA don’t simply use VPN to get stuff for cheap?
like … uhhhh… NETFLIX

Same reason CCP can’t do anything about players multiboxing free Alpha accounts. Players that have a beefy enough computer can run multiple virtual machines and VPNs…

I never thought of that…
Sadly my pc is to slow xD

Let’s be honest here: CCP could do regional pricing again.

CCP could, for instance, do regional pricing in certain regions where the numbers (gamer population vs local economy) justified it. They could then offer only the basic 1-month sub for that region. Plex and other items would remain at world price.

Only a small portion of “VPN abusers” would be taking advantage of this, and it would be more than offset by the extra players and activity in the game.

CCP doesn’t do this, because:

  • It would take extra planning and effort. Something CCP rarely bothers with.
  • CCP expects all the gamers in those regions to simply scramble for Plex instead. Because CCP has always had this weird notion that their players will do anything, anything at all, to play EVE.
  • CCP leadership are sometimes arrogant, insular, ivory-tower puffheads, and they’ve always leaned towards “EVE is all about the big bucks”. Anyone remember comparing EVE to $1,000 designer jeans and offering $1,800 “floating Nyx” models? CCP could care less about lower incomes.

The above posters are doing the same spin-doctoring CCP does, and the pro-ganking lobby does: “If you allow this then everything will spiral into doom!”.

Note that after cancelling regional pricing, CCP didn’t experience any great wave of restored income as the “VPN abusers” were brought to heel. They just lost more players and more money.

Lol no im whud cancel all my 12 xp farms if the price fall under 300 mil. Whud not be worth of the work.

Injectors market cant crush cause supply and demand and ofcourse almout of work required.

Nobodywill make 50 farm accounts and manage them to get 50 mil… .

And for lastpoint you overestimate% of players knowledgable enougt to use vpn.

This iznt 80ts when every computer user was prwcticali programer today most of the users of games are on the blond girl knowledge of car level.

They can operate the car but have 0 knowledge about it.


It doesn’t affect my Netflix if someone in a country with lower wages pays relatively less for their Netflix account. Netflix knows where you are and shows content based on your region and even if it didn’t I wouldn’t be impacted.

It does on the other hand affect my EVE if people can buy Omega or PLEX at rates meant for countries with lower wages, as we’re directly connected in the ingame economy.


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