RegionID 13000001, Name: PR-01

So I’ve been parsing mapRegions.csv which I pulled from Fuzzworks.

There’s a region called PR-01, with the ID 13000001.

zKill shows me that this region exists in some way, here:

That’s not a default page for regions that don’t exist.
Changing the number throws a 404 page.

I thought I’d ask what’s up with that.

Does anyone know?


It could be a wormhole region, no ? Even if wormhole systems doesn’t appear on the Stellar Map, they are registered in a Constellation.
Example : J114308 is in the B-R00008 constellation

Nope, aren’t any wormholes. Wormholes have a regionalID starting with 11xx and abyssal space’s regionalID starts with 12xx. Black Pedro said that PR-01 only has been added in the recent month(s). He said he has an older file that doesn’t contain PR-01.

To be clear on this: There aren’t any systems associated with that region.

Understood, excuse me :slight_smile:

I asked that in #esi some time ago, I don’t think anyone knows.
It’s a full set of new systems, so, it’s either a SDE leak for something unreleased or it’s just there by error.

Sorry for the bad scale.

In the back there’s the New Eden Cluster.
For orientation: Poitot is to the left of the center, HED-GP below the center.

Assuming New Eden lies relatively flat on a plane and we’re looking at it from Top/Down, then just “above” and in the “south east corner” in the distance there are Jspace and Abyssal DeadSpace, which are relatively close together but clearly distant from New Eden.

The region PR-01 lies somewhere in the “top right corder” far away from the Cluster.

I hope that makes sense. :blush:

In the top picture you see New Eden as you’re used to from the map. Roughtly. My scale’s off, but it’s actually better that way. In the second picture the camera’s zoomed faaar out, and the tiny dot in the top right …

… that’s PR-01.

I know it’s just fluff and does not offer any actually relevant information, but assuming i get this right, then PR-01 is a several millions (?) of light years away from the cluster, just like Jspace and ADspace, though they’re closer. For some reason, unlike the other two, PR-01 lies on the same plane as the cluster does, while the other two don’t. They’re “higher up”.

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Maybe it is… EARTH!


The PR could, like you once said, stand for PRecursor, which might actually hint at earth.

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Now that’s an idea.

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