When did regions and new systems get added into the game?

Looking for a timeline of when systems, constellations and regions were added to universe over time (excluding wormholes). Or have their always been 5,201? (That’s the number I’ve found, which exludes wormholes I believe)

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No, they added space at various points, but it was all before 2015 when I started playing. Pochven is relatively recent, but it was made from existing systems right after invasions chapter 3.

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The last ‘new space’ aside from abyssal sites was probably Thera and the rest of the shattered WH systems.


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Anyone got a definitive list, or just something more in depth than the replies here? (Thanks for your answers so far tho)

drone lands were added in 2006ish? I dunno pretty sure it was before I started playing

black rise was added in ~2008-10 with FW

wormhole space was ~2010?

pochven was just created but uses already existing systems

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What’s the story behind Pochven? Was it where the Triglavian scored victories, and the systems had their jumpgates to k-space removed?


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