Reguarding cloak game mechanics with t1 haulers warping

I keep seeing tech 1 haulers like itty 5’s jumping into system, insta cloaking while they align to another gate, uncloaking once aligned then instant warping, making it impossible to target them.

Is this a game mechanics thats Meant to exist or should it be classified as a exploit?

maybe make it so tech 1 non cloak bonus ships cannot align once cloaked?

You have plenty of time to burn over to their location and uncloak them, quite frankly. A Stiletto or Dramiel with a Nanofiber low slot should be more than fast enough to burn the distance, uncloak, AND lock up the hauler before it warps off.

This should NOT be considered an exploit. It’s one of the few ways for Haulers to keep themselves (relatively) safe.


go to youtube and look up MWD cloak and yes it is intended.

personally, It bugs me that you can activate the MWD AFTER the cloak but the few times a ‘bug’ slips in that prevents this everyone loses their collective ■■■■. I spent years thinking you had to preform the impute on the same tick with no problem but carebears gunna carebear

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Sounds like you need better tacklers

Using a combination of a cloak and MWD to enter warp the instant you decloak is explicitly listed as NOT an exploit by CCP.


Lol, how long have you been playing EvE, that you don’t know the MWD/cloak trick? It’s not an exploit but intended mechanic for ages.



T1 ■■■■ fit industrials that can’t really fight back and die to Cats or Thrashers in HS if you tried harder. Next thing, your gonna whine you can’t tackle T2 cargo ships that can warp cloaked or with HP bonus with inherent +2 WC strength while they can fit extra WC.

Nothing in the most useless ship class next to exhumers you want anyway, if they start dying to fast you won’t have anybody to shoot at except tougher ships.

Guys, people are flying their ships in a straight line and activating their modules. Is this an exploit? How can this be allowed?


HS ganker doesn’t like how people can actually avoid it by being prepared and informed.


those ships are at over 90% reduced speed. they still have to get up to speed when they decloak and a ab/mwd does help much in that area. so if you cant target them within that time, maybe you should rethink what you fly or fit

No, that’s not how it works.

The MWD can do one cycle while you’re cloaked.

So you cloak and hit the MWD. When the MWD cycle ends, you decloak and immediately warp, because the acceleration provided by the MWD, even under the (actually only 75% for an improved) cloak penalty, is enough to put you over the 75% threshold for warping once you decloak.

Done correctly, you won’t be lockable unless someone manages to decloak you during the MWD cycle.




Ummmm… I hate to nitpick…

The Cloak-MWD trick was never an intended thing. It was simply an inventive player manipulation of the mechanics that the DEVs liked.
Much the same with…

  • Web-warp trick
  • Jetcan mining
  • Object/Ship spam to decloak ships
  • “Dred-buchets”
    (note: Those last two exist in a truly “grey area” in terms of being allowed)

That said… the Cloak-MWD trick does require a degree of finesse to perform and clearly differentiates haulers who have done their homework from everyone else.


Years ago CCP changed some mechanics regarding ECM and cloaking which inadvertently also made the cloak/MWD impossible. Within a few days of that going live CCP went “oops, we didn’t mean for that to be affected” and changed it so it worked again. So they purposely allowed for it again, meaning it’s intended.


it was not originally intended but it has since been removed and been readded making it an intended mechanic

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It was emergent gameplay similar to the “jet can” mining emergent gameplay that surprised CCP. They thought is was clever and not game breaking so they didn’t “fix” it.

There is a video somewhere with Hilmar talking about the jet can mining thing. He found out about through his private gaming account IIRC.

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What is so special with jetcan mining? Sometimes it’s handy together with a mobile depot.

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It was never an intended outcome, the devs never guessed that people would use them in that way; it’s probably one of the first examples of emergent gameplay in Eve.


There was a whole thing about how they hadn’t accounted for it in their mineral faucet calculations. They had been assuming mining would be interrupted by warping back and forth to stations to unload. Instead they were jetcan mining at a higher rate than had been anticipated and, consequently, were shipping up into BS hulls and the like more quickly as well.

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