Reign of Steel (Brave)[Imperium] Wants You! EU/US/AUS

Thanks for the heads up, shirai. I have updated the advert as other things have changed also.

Recruitment is on hold while we transfer to our new home. We should be back to it by next weekend 18/11

Please send any mails about recruitment to Castrati Falistis and I’ll be happy to get back to you with answers to your queries and updates on our recruitment diary.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.

After our protracted war with Pandemic Horde, Fraternity and their friends the decision was made to pull back from Fade/Pure Blind and head back to our historical home in Quesrious.

This move included the decision to join The Imperium coalition

Now that we have more help available we have more time for fun, whether that’s for small gang PVP or ratting or mining.

So, shall we dance?

The coffee’s getting cold and the ice cream is getting warm. Hurry up

Starting over again so get in on the ground floor and make a name for yourself.

Still in Brave Collective but now part of The Imperium.


Calling all industry based players for mining

Calling all PVE based players for ratting

Calling all PVPers for killing sh… stuff

SOTC Public

Oh it’s been a wild ride since the last Public SOTC. We pulled all our assets from 8QMO and planted an athanor in FIO1-8. This system was gold dust. It had an ice belt, a colossal ore anomaly, 2x R32 moons and just to throw a handful of cherries on the cake, it was an A0 blue star system which meant random rare ore spawns worth literally billions.

The first athanor we placed was on one of the R32 moons and it was a good move. We made a lot of isk from that. After a couple of weeks we anchored a second athanor in E9KD (the system next to FIO1). This too was money in the wallet.

The corp decided that it was worth looking for a third R32 moon so we got some info and found that a sister corp owned the other R32 in FIO1. Through negotiation we managed to buy the athanor at cost and took over the moon.

Things were looking great and as a corp we decided to plant a Raitaru and an Azbel in E9KD for our production needs.

Then things went bad. Very bad.

The timing of the alliance announcement to pull out of Fade/Pure Blind couldn’t have come at a worse time for us. Not only had we just planted 3x athanors, a Raitaru and an Azbel, our CEO, director and other senior officer were away on their holidays leaving me at the helm to steer us through some pretty choppy waters.

We had some losses, we had some wins.

We had to move from our home in the north(ish) to the south(ish). But we’re here now and ramping up gradually after some harsh losses.

Oh and the alliance joined the Imperium. Now we just need you to join us and we can get rich together.

Come and get yours

If you want it, take it.