REIGNITE yourself in EVE - PVP + PVE purpose driven, Social Focused Corp with ambition - looking to grow JOIN NOW!

o7 fellow capsuleers

Come play with an easy going social bunch of ship blasting, ISK seeking teamplayers. Find your purpose to log in HERE!

REIGNITED - A NEW PVP focused Corp which is now part of the Gentlemen’s.Club alliance is looking for like minded individuals to bolster its ranks!

REIGNITED is a new EVE Online PVP/PVE Zero sec Corp which focuses on PVP but also dabbles in things like Gas/moon mining , regular mining and exploration revolving around teamplay.
We believe everyone should have a say in the direction of their play time and all major decision making is made with everyone’s input and ideas. We also believe that everyone should be treated with respect and with welcome in this corp.

Here’s our killboard we play for PVP! (funded by PVE)

  • Bring Order out of Chaos to the best sandbox MMO running.
  • Minimum 20 million Skill Points, We also ask you treat everyone decently and want to PVP
  • Find purpose in a universe of infinite possibilities
  • Ran by EVE Online Vets - We brainstorm! We encourage out of the box play if possible
  • We currently live zero sec space
  • We play between 1600 hrs - 0400 hrs EVE time
  • You must also be able to speak English and be over 18+
  • Be on comms in PVP Fleets and various other shenanigans fleets.
  • This is a PVP focused, PVE Social group which strives for purpose in this sandbox game. Like minded people should be in good company here!
  • There will be a minimum guaranteed 2-3 PVP Fleets a week and many spontaneous pick up groups throughout the week (plus alliance fleets) for you to sink your pods into. There is no pressure we believe you will want to join us in these fleets.
  • EVE Vets and established players more than welcome WE need you!
  • Relearn the Game with Reignited returning players welcome.


Join our Discord Channel or contact Raven Hyperbollic or Lord Nohman in game. We also have a public channel called Reignited public you can talk to us that way.

Lets build a better game - TOGETHER!

To the top! Still recruiting!

Reignited is still recruiting. Check us out!

Reignited are still looking for more Zero sec loving PVP’ers!

Bump to the top! Reignited are still recruiting all players who want to PVP and be part of a zero sec alliance with limited blues!

To the top! Recruiting now.

Reignited are still looking for spaceship guns! plenty of PVP to be had here!

Another day, another bump. We’re still looking for more!

More people needed to shoot lasers, guns n missiles. :wink:

Great bunch of guys to fly with, taught me to play over a decade ago and they’re still going strong. Would highly recommend.

Back to the top with Ye! Reignited are still recruiting.

We’re looking for more. JOIN US!

Irish recruitment guy and generally drinking a whiskey so no idea how I got responsibilities, but happy for a chat with any good peeps :smiley:

To the top yet again, Reignited are recruiting!

Bump come share a whiskey with an irishman and chat about how awesome the corp is :smiley:

Still recruiting come say hello


We’re still recruiting, o7

We’re still recruiting!

Bump for a great corp