Relentless Reprisal - Null Sec - FEDUP - Looking for more!

Do you ever just want something new and exciting?

Something more, or maybe even something less than what you’re currently involved in?

Trust me when I say, we’ve all been there.

Comprised of a tight knit group of former Goonswarm Federation members, Relentless Reprisal offers a chance to reinvent yourself and find whatever it is you may be looking for in the Eve universe!

Part of Federation Uprising, an alliance within the Legacy Coalition, Relentless Reprisal is located deep in Null Sec.

With a barrage of diversity within our ranks, Relentless Reprisal invites a multitude of adventures for our pilots.





We can also help you to become self sufficient in Null Sec by providing you with the tools and knowledge to help grow your isk wallet substantially!

We will teach you to embrace your weaknesses, and call them unique-nesses!

With no active Skillpoint requirement, Relentless Reprisal accepts first day pilots and seasoned veterans alike.

We strive to teach our pilots the skills needed to prosper in our corporation and within the Eve universe as a whole.

For more information or to apply to our corporation, I invite you to join -Rx2- in game or to contact myself or any member of our recruitment team!

We look forward to hearing from you, and also for the chance to help you find your niche in the Eve universe!

come hang guys bvumping the post aswell

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