Remembering Where We Come From

It’s easy to forget sometimes that capsuleers don’t spontaneously appear fully grown in their pods. We were all born as ordinary humans. So, let’s talk about our families:

  1. Who were your parents? If you don’t know, who took care of you growing up?
  2. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
  3. Do you have any siblings?
  4. How did your family feel about you becoming a capsuleer?

My dad is a Brutor who escaped from slavery when he was 19 (organized by my grandfather). My mom is Thukker, but moved to the Republic for work (Republic stations generally pay better). Dad was adopted into Mom’s clan after they got married. I was born on the MMC station orbiting Egbinger IX-8, and grew up on various stations in Molden Heath. I have two younger brothers. Garth is studying physics. Tallon is still in school and wants to be a fighter pilot or even a capsuleer himself.

My family was pretty happy when I got into capsuleer training. After all, I’ll live forever (probably), and be incredibly wealthy. Some of my cousins weren’t so supportive, but when they tried to organize a funeral for me, the clan council shut them down hard. I was looking forward to crashing it, but I do appreciate the support.


I was born into wealth and privilege in the city of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime. When I was young, my interactions with my father were more or less limited to being taught my former faith; I rarely interacted with him outside of Theology lessons. Seeing my mother, on the other hand, generally meant that I was in trouble. Most of the work that went into raising and caring for me was preformed by my nanny, who now lives in freedom where I can return the favor and ensure that she is taken care of well.

I had an older brother who was killed in an attack on my childhood home. There was a lot of friction between us. He was my mother’s oldest child, and so per family tradition, was in line behind my mother as the family’s heir. This meant most of my mother’s time was dedicated to overseeing him. My brother was, more or less, the perfect Amarr child. Whenever I failed at anything, did something wrong, or made any sort of mistake, I was compared to him when being admonished. As a result, we never really got along.

I also had a younger sister, who is probably still alive. Her life growing up was fairly similar to mine, I suppose. I spent a fair bit of time with her when we were young.

The family’s plan for me had always been as fodder for a political marriage of some kind, but my mother had the idea to send me off for capsuleer schooling when I was found to be compatible while at the Royal Institute. At the time, it was treated as something that would bring more influence to the family. Whatever her fate, she no doubt regrets that decision now.

On one hand, becoming a capsuleer was likely vital for me finding the path that I walk today. On the other, in the first decade of my time as a capsuleer, I allowed myself to be wielded by one of the most wicked forces in the cluster for its own goals. I am less sure than you that any of us capsuleers will live forever. I don’t think we will. But I really do hope I’ve a fair bit of time left.

I can never fix most of my past actions. But although I can never wash the blood off my hands from back then, I can hopefully paint over it in blood that deserves to be spilled in the defense of the people who I hurt the most.

I hope I’ve adequately answered your questions.


My parents were POU Officer and Achuran Priestess, they have met in Saisio where I was born as a SuVee citizen (of course I became a real Caldari only after my pledge of allegiance when I bound my Life and my Honor with service to the State). After about five years my father was transferred to the Navy and we have moved out. For the reasons I don’t want to focus on, my family decided that I shall get a private tutoring and that I should study in the monastery instead of a public corporate school. My father has died when I was 11 and we have returned back to Saisio. At this time I had already a younger brother. My mother sent me to Achuran monastery, but I have ran away and joined the Academy instead to become a soldier of the State (well, initially I wanted to become a combat nurse).

They believe I am dead.

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I did not have any parents. I was born at a New Youth Initiative production plant in Suroken. My child ID is #190267 - funny how I remember it reflexively even now.

Of course, I did have many siblings - all of my creche mates were siblings, even if we did not all have the same zygote combination. I have many fond memories of playing games with them. We were usually ranked on our performance, and I was proud to finish first. This taught me the value of competition and honor. We used to gather in the rec room every night to sing corporate anthems before bed. I felt very much at home and like I belonged.


I was born and raised under Sukuuvestaa’s Hovas Haani program, 7th Makivaal Rymata.

I do not know, nor particularly care to know, the original donor or donors of my genotype, it having been altered significantly before being actually used in production regardless. I was raised by a rotating staff of caretakers.

I was born in Saisio, in a now decommissioned deadspace facility, where I also spent my early childhood. I then spent a few years on Saisio III before being relocated in orbit of Kisogo VIII.

Yes, though I expect the definition of ‘sibling’ may differ slightly from how foreigners would view it. I had another 179 peers/siblings in my group, and a few thousand over the entire Makivaal supergroup. I am not sure if my genotype in any form was used for other supergroups.
The above only applies for my generation, obviously, I have no way of knowing how many preceded and succeeded mine.

The majority of them? No doubt envy, those that made the cut and survived at any rate. The Corporation and supervising staff were extremely proud of my performance. I surpassed the entirety of my group and came out 2nd place across the entire program.

Is it really funny? I can’t imagine anyone forgetting theirs.

YM-i137.b011.g03 here.

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Some Human People have Numbers instead of Names ?


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Is it really funny? I can’t imagine anyone forgetting theirs.
YM-i137.b011.g03 here.

It has been a very long time. Especially after becoming a capsuleer, the experience of being a baseliner feels distant and surreal. The doctor says I ought to spend more time out of pod. It is true I sometimes mentally try to engage warp drive whenever I step into a ground vehicle, and I have not been in a human shape in my dreams for years. Progressive signs, maybe.

Your story truly makes my day, Major. Clearly Suuvee and Hyasyoda had somewhat different ideas regarding the program, but your experience is clearly heiian. Divinity in the flock, delivery in flux. Many Caldari I meet remain skeptical - I think it has become more so in recent years. I have tried to stay in touch with my old siblings, and suffice it to say not all remember the experience as fondly as we do. Some of them wish they could forget their numbers, sadly. I often wish I could go back for a day. I try to impart the value of the experience, but it seems the parented are often confused by whatever I say.


My mother was Rhiannon, born Rhiannon, from the Shaninn line. My father was an off-world tribesman. (Scandalous marriages seem to run in the family now. Two or three generations more and they’ll claim it’s traditional for Shaninn to marry off-world.)

I was born in Sundsele, Mikramurka, Matar. I spent my childhood in equal parts on an asteroid base in Atgur and in Sundsele until the age of 12, when I began my more formal education, first in Sundsele, and later in Pator Tech.

I have siskon [translator: sibling, cousin, member of the same age cohort in a clan], but my parents in blood and spirit did not bear or adopt other children.

Very mixed. When indie capsuleers were new, and the calls went out, we all tested for genetic compatibility; at that time I was the only one of my clan in diversion years who did not wash out because of known-to-be-incompatible gene markers. My being by then Heir to Rhiannon many were reluctant to let me go, but the clan still sponsored me to the PTS program, out of patriotic duty. I believe today most of my elders regret the choice; while I’ve repaid the material cost, it has brought outsider concerns too close to our city.

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Doesn’t everyone? Suzaku-haan and I are talking about serials assigned to us by our respective programs, but people having serials identifying them should be fairly common in any bureaucratic system, no?

The sign of the ungrateful and inadequate, if you ask me. I cannot speak for all programs of this nature across all 8 Megacorporations, of course, but at least Hovas Haani provided everything we needed to succeed, to surpass the State averages and become effective citizens and, in my supergroup’s case, pilots.

I always find it so bizarre when people try to claim I ‘don’t have a family’ because of all this.
Sukuuvestaa is my family.


The original one was born at February 24th, YC91 by the Lafisques, a very spreaded Gallente family across the Federation. Both the parents were wealthy Ethnic Gallente and they did the necessary to give him a brillant degree at the University of Caille.

Both the questions are: “Bourynes VI”

No. The original one was “only child”

There are no more news about his parents after joining the Capsuleer Program. During the preparation, much time passed and there has been also a long trip (lasted 1 year) around the known space of New Eden, visiting the empires and other countries and studying their stories and their cultures. Probably his parents will have done their lives being aware their son offered his body as a sacrifice for the future generation’ intellects.

The last report of the original one was “Died for the progress.” His tomb is in Bourynes VI, common as the others.

((Kalodote Lafisques - EVE RP Wiki))

I have no idea, nor do I really care.

I was raised by a number of military crèche handlers. The moment I was dropped off at the door as an infant to be a soldier.

Those in the same platoon as me. Most are dead. They did not survive the training process. Cold Wind favors the strong.

It’s a mixed bag. I wasn’t originally slotted for that work. Trained, augmented and conditioned to be a shock trooper, the training and augmentation process left a kind of side effect that led me to be compatible with egg technology. So I got plugged in, so to say.

It’s a love hate relationship. I am devoted to my State, but I don’t always agree with their methods so they tend to keep a really close eye on me.


I don’t remember where I came from. (Infomorph damaged, purposeful sabotage, long story.) I do know where I came from, though.

The original “me,” my predecessor, was born on Achura (Saisio III) to Yumiko Sujui, a Shuijing sect monk and Achur national, and Sarth Jenneth, a Laborer-caste Civire and SuVee citizen. It was an unsanctioned pairing, and fulfilled apparently the whole State’s expectations by ending like some kind of matchmaking service propaganda piece.

After Mother’s death at Father’s hands when I was seven, I spent a year in the local SuVee creche (don’t remember my ID and don’t much feel like looking it up, sorry) before Mother’s clan, the Sujui, recognized me as a member and took me in. So mostly I grew up in the Achur client state, with no siblings but lots of cousins.

I was kind of an embarrassment for the clan, though (mixed blood, unsanctioned birth), so I guess I kind of bounced between living at their temple complex and a succession of schools. I seem to have originally become a capsuleer to prove myself to them (pod training was quite dangerous at that time), so I assume they approved. They might have felt a little differently after I completed another propaganda piece trope by murdering Grandfather (clan patriarch, another long story).

Now of course I can’t remember any of their faces, but out of respect for the living and the dead I stay off Achura. I expect they know I’m out here, but we haven’t been in touch. I can’t blame them if they resent me, but even if in some sense forgetfulness is an insult I’m not quite prepared to face judgment for crimes I don’t remember committing.

So I stay away.

That’s all, really.

  1. Eek Biko and Corne Lia, both lawyers.

  2. I was born in Vredelwhaen, the city next to the largest starport on Schoorasana IV, Spaen, Sinq Laison. I grew up a bit around there during my teens, but most of my childhood has been spend in and around a nearby town called Zilveras.

  3. Yes, two agnate sisters, but we did not grow up like siblings.

  4. It was my mother’s suggestion that I had myself tested for compatibility. I guess she has mixed feelings about it these days, as do I.

Sure, why not, some part of it anyway -

Dad was a charming, roguish State runaway who looked to lay as low as he can before the aforementioned State catches up.
Mom was the type with a soft spot for charming, roguish runaways.

A dump south of Sundsele called Dokvat. Like with most Matari kids, the clan took a good share of raising me and the other delinquents. I also received my mandatory dose of public school and was going to attend vocational to become a grav vehicle mechanic.

Proving that more than one woman fancies charming, roguish runaways I do, in fact, have a half-sister.

“Family” is a wide term, clans considered. I got thrown long before becoming a pilot, and from the family only Tobias paid attention to my existence. Being that he’s largely disappointed in my lifestyle choices and a few other things, we don’t keep in touch.

Dad is a different story as it’s a good question if he is or isn’t alive. Officially he isn’t, but there’s reasons to suspect he finally faked his death in order to, one, escape being chased by his former corporate family and two - get out of the whole part of having two daughters now.

That he would be proud is almost certain, but it’s the kind of pride that implies that the next step isn’t have breakfast and catch up but help him unleash his army of terrifying multiple-appendaged subverted rogue drones and take over the world.


It is generally inadvisable to discuss one’s family openly and on public forum frequented by one’s enemies and other parties that may wish harm upon them.

But if you must know, most information on capsuleer biographies can be found freely around the galnet. The rest can be gathered with intelligence work. Personally, I like forcing people who want to kill my family to do a bit of work for it.

  1. My parents are Fradat-Vant Noud and Ayuta Noud, nee an-Vadiyoun. At the risk of overstepping my bounds, father is a musician and choreographer and subject to the Duchy of Sib. Mother’s family had relocated to Kor-Azor after the rebellion, thanks to the magnanimity of a lower-house Holding in Shaha. She was originally an aspiring astronomer but switched to studying engineering when she reached a marriagable age.

  2. I was born on Moro III in a small resort city called Beki, and spent about half my life on my homeworld, mostly in the south. We travelled frequently, except for winters when we would stay with father’s parents for about ten weeks, weather depending. Winters there are strangely some of my warmest memories. The caravan we were a part of was old hand for my family by the time I was born, so it was easy for me to learn the routine, since everyone else was already so accustomed to it.

  3. I have a sister, Freni, the oldest, who has a family of her own in the Duchy of Sib. Brother Perethu-Tan was second, and married into a Kingdom holding on Bomana IV, where he currently studies the Jab’t-arat-Keyba supervolcano and is still unused to being addressed formally by his little sister. Brother Ayinaza was married last year to a darling woman from Trigentia and serves as an OF-2 in the RKN on deployment to the Aridia KMC.

  4. There was naturally some apprehension when I stated my intention, but they understood my motivation (You can read a synopsis in my public-facing DED neocom profile if you want the details). There was a lot of citing of Scripture over those weeks, a lot of furrowed brows and reproach for hasty thinking. Ultimately, it was the Exhortation of the Theology Council regarding capsuleer souls and the Empress’ command that it be added to Scripture, which convinced my family that my calling was true.

The Implication from your Posts was that People referred to you primarily by your Number rather than your Name, which I understand to be Uncommon for Human People ?

My parents were an ethnic Civire convert and a True Amarr/Ni-Kunni noblewoman. My father died on Caldari Prime in the Amarr quarters of the capital during a Nationalist Gallente uprising. My mother died while serving aboard an Imperial Navy destroyer in the warzone to a TLF capsuleer sometime around YC114/5

I was born in space on a passenger liner, while my parents were travelling. Due to familial issues with my grandfather, the late Lord Gallius, I was brought up with my uncle on an Ishukone subsidary owned gas extraction facility on Korama IV to… ‘keep me out of the way’…

Yes, the Honourable Lord Miguel Onzo-Gallius, Baron of Asham Azor

Fine with it, given my brother is a Capsuleer himself. My uncle passed away of natural causes long after I’d graduated and left Caldari Space to return to my late Grandfather’s Holding, and Lord Thiago Gallius died a few years ago of a neurodegenerative disease. My parents didn’t get to see me graduate, but they were proud of my academic achievements during the programme.


Wow! A lot of fellow tube born here!

I was decanted at Makadiko Medical Services and Laboratories, a Lai Dai subsidiary operating within the primary Khaldari Enclave of the Khanid Kingdom. I was educated and nursed by the staff of the facility’s attached creche, with my batch gene-engineered and selectively trained to cover a forecasted shortfall of labour in the hospitality, administrative, and financial sectors of Caldari and Khaldari business interests. A conglomerate of State megacorp and Khaldari private ventures financed the batch. We never know who the donor, or donors, were.

I suppose I answered this in order to answer the first question, but to expand on that a little more we were raised to embrace our mixed Caldari and Khanid culture, as well as educated in the faith, as part of legal and contractual requirements for the creche to operate within the Kingdom. I consider myself a subject of the King, hence the term Khaldari as all of my fellow ethnic Civire and Deteis subjects of His Majesty are known by.

Similar to the other Tube Children whom have posted, it’s complicated. We weren’t raised specifically as siblings, and more as classmates. When you don’t have personal experience of such concepts as ‘mother’ ‘father’ or to be someone’s ‘child’, the idea of seeing those that share your genetic makeup as ‘siblings’ is one I found difficult to grapple with until I became a mother myself. I suppose, in a sense, yes, I have about 50 other surviving ‘sisters’ scattered throughout the Kingdom and beyond. I’ve never spoken to them since I took an exchange programme offer to study at the School of Applied Knowledge.

The Donor/s likely have no idea. I don’t know if any of the creche staff followed up on our various fortunes post-graduation, I hope Teachers would be proud, but I do know the Khaldari members of the conglomerate that paid for our creation were exceedingly happy with the reimbursement I gave them for their costs, as part of the contractual payment when I bought them out.


I would not expect every caretaker to know all of us by name, especially when we were still young. We were typically referred to by name at around our mid-teens, when there were less of us and we were more distinguished as individuals.

We referred to each other by name day-to-day of course.