What's your role?

Pilots, let’s talk

It’s another wonderful day in New Eden, no? Another day we get roam the stars crafted by the starsmith in this grand ocean designed by the Maker.

Another day to obtain profits off the markets, discover a secret hidden within the fabric of our reality, participate in a glorious battle or build something complex and inspiring.

Or of course another day to waste away digging up rocks in some barren asteroid belt…Oddly enough I have to say if you do this, it’s admirable. Takes some kind of patience to sit there in a barge of all ships and stare at rocks for an eternity.

Our immortality enables us to carry out many different professions. The wealth we obtain expands upon our possibilities as Capsuleers. We are the demi-gods that baselines exaggerate about. The only force that comes close to wielding power over us are those pigs in CONCORD. But even then we are capable of defying them.

We make our own rules and carve out a piece of the world for ourselves. We find our role in the Maker’s universe and play it to its fullest. Whatever it may be.

I’m a warrior you see. My place is in a warzone, fighting whatever enemy happens to be on the other side of the battlefield. I owe myself to no nation and find a fight with whomever. Pirates or navy, I care not. Both sides of the spectrum have combatants worthy of a battle. At the same time I get paid in my involvement, either in kredits or spoils to sell or use.

It is in battle where I find wealth and honor. This is my purpose here, my destiny and prosperity is found in fighting and sharpening my skills. I’m no master, but I have the potential much like someone has in becoming a tycoon with staggering amounts of ISK at their disposal.

So I ask you fellow Capsuleers, what is your role? In what way do you use your powers as a Capsuleer?


I explore some of the mysteries of archaeotheology and post about it on the IGS causing people to confront their prejudices about my religion, and open their minds to other possibilities.
Other times I post in a manner that provokes profound thought.


Which planet?

In space, there is no day; and who hangs out with filthy planetsiders?

So I’m sure, among the 66,856 planets in the cluster, somewhere on at least one of them it’s a nice day, but still not as nice as not being on a planet at all.


I don’t think about roles so much. I see a criminal, I shoot. Sometimes my target isn’t a criminal, yet I still shoot.


I dance exotically sometimes.


Mother, partner, hostess, and diplomat. In that order.


Hanger Manager, My job is mostly to clean up after extremely messy demigods who can not put their half burnt laser crystals into the right container so that my precious hangers stay clear and easy to use. I mean without a clean hanger how is a pilot supposed to throw a party. So I do that, I whip my CEO every now and then, and I make most of my money through combat.


Well, you’re of that blood faith, eh? Sani-Sabik?

I won’t jump to conclusions to say that you’re apart of the more “mainstream” sect. Certainly seen my fair share of the more sane followers in my time operating in Federation space. I kept my distance primarily cause they kept there’s and bled themselves voluntarily.

Sounds like you are bit of a warrior. Just someone looking for a fight. Not only can I respect that but feel as if you and I could slam back a few drinks. Share some tales of our exploits in battle.

You do private sessions?

Diplomat? Yeah I’ve heard of some of your accomplishments. You fit the bill as someone who is more suited for political warfare. Keep the bloodshed and destruction to my ilk, right?

But you mention you’re a mother? That’s fantastic, nursing a member of the next generation is admirable and might I say makes me a bit jealous.

My family is all about having off-spring. Its how we keep our bloodline alive and strong. While my relatives are already continuing our tree; I still keep my eyes open for someone to call my partner. Just gotta hope my family offers approval before we bestow our surname of “Yaken” upon them.

Keep up the good work.

Bit of a clean freak? I tell you I have no sense of organization. Sometimes I’ll put up the effort, but of the time I just toss whatever I haul back from a victorious fight into a corner and forget about it.

Then when I go to find something…Takes the crew about several hours to dig it out.

But combat is where you find wealth? Tell me more…Bounties on outlaw pilots? Plundering pirate or naval bases? Taking on assignments from various corporate agents? Or salvaging modules off of defeated Capsuleers?

All are lovely means to make a kredit or two after a well earned victory.


I actually have four children :slight_smile:


Ancestors choke, Lasa! Now that’s how you ensure the survival of your bloodline.

Got any plans for them? If it wasn’t for the guidance and discipline instilled in me by my revered parents. I wouldn’t be calling myself a Caspuleer right now.


I almost exclusively engage in combat with other Capsuleers. Mostly Caldari militia. I mean any other sort of combat would just be picking on the sheep of the cluster. I tend to find it appalling that most mission contracts tend to end with a mass graves out in space. I may be a monster but I would prefer to at least prey on worthy targets.


I alter between the two. I whole heartily admit my skills at engaging Capsuleer is lacking. But I have made moves to improve myself in one on one duels with pilots out in Black Rise. Caldari, Gallente or other neutrals are all worthy combatants.

Pick a fight here and there and bonded over my opponents both in defeat and victory. I got no political agenda in mind. I just want to test my skills against a opponent on the same playing field when I want a real challenge.

As for hitting up baselines targets? Not gonna lie - I feel a bit more empowered when going face first into a deadspace pocket with an entire armada inside. Typically some good loot in there too. When in numbers they can pose a threat, but going after the clone jacking punks in hisec is absolutely of no sport. I go deep into pirate turf when I want the fullest threat. Null security space! Away from CONCORD and surrounded by scum!

I’m an accountant.

We have lots of meetings.

I keep trying to send interns in my place, and HR keeps grumbling at me about it.

But, yes, meetings.


For an accountant that goes out and leads fleets against those Drifter abominations. i gotta say you’re by far the greatest accountant I’ve had the honor to meet and fight along side with on the battlefield.

Hee. It seems like that might have been her frustration with the more boring details of leadership talking.


Lets see,

  • Ceo
  • Fleet Commander
  • Frigate/AF/Bomber/Destroyer combat Pilot
  • Mercenary on Contract with the Caldari State
  • Matari

Guardian, in all the forms that takes. Everything from protecting Serpentis assets to running security in a bar.

Combat pilot, particularly in fast cruisers and Command Destroyers. I’m pretty good at it by this point, if I say so myself.

Skirmish FC. I can boss around less than 50 people, more than that and I get shy :grimacing:

Professionally annoying.


Sure, why not. My battles may not always be the most grand ones, however I do remember a lot of them. The more challenging, the better. They may not always be victories, but I almost always enjoy every second of them.

The rush. It’s what I live for.


I deal with filthy planetsiders. But ooo, who does that, how embarrassing.


…I guess I can’t argue with that?

Damn! A jack of all trades?

Good to not only see another pilot following the path of a warrior. But one that entertains the freedom that mercenary work can bring in.

But in top of that it sounds like you’re a born leader. A CEO of a Capsuleer corporation and a fleet commander? I don’t envy how much you got on your plate half the time.

Another commander steps foward! You may say that you can’t handle more than fifty but I must say it’s rather amazing you got what it takes to lead a fleet of any size. That is some experience I only desire to have myself.

After all, the fleet commanders are the ones that get the real fame!

But you mentioned you work with the Guardian angels? I’ve had my fair share of encounters with your outfit. Must say many of your associates xxx an put up a fight…But in the end I walk away with the spoils, hehe.

Nothing gets my heart racing like a fight about break out in a “Novice” class complex in Black Rise. The stakes are low but the shot at victory over another Capsuleer excites me. Reminds me that I’m human.

Nothing wrong about going planetside. Each planet, no matter the classification, it is a work of art that is worth immersing yourself in.

Either a place to call home or a war zone. I do not scoff at planet life. Though my place does belong up here in the stars where my accomplishments are done in the eyes of the Maker.