Remembering Where We Come From

  1. I’d be lying if I said I remember my father, but my mother; she was always there for me. Regarding the deadbeat, she’d always tell me that he hid many things from her. Things she found out over time, because she’s got friends in high places. Let’s just say the family isn’t proud of who I share half a chromosome with. Old lady Tanaaka, a friend of my mother’s, was responsible for how I grew up. For the ceremonies she taught me, for the mind tool of the Caldari- of our people- being ingrained on me from a very youthful age. She taught me of Wayism when my mother was too busy attending Corpo meetings. No doubt, mother’s job was important. No doubt still, that I felt much like an orphan in a surrogate home.

  2. I grew up on a colony in Akiainavas V or rather, on a ship orbiting it. Haven’t ever been much of a surface buff, haven’t felt much gravel beneath my feet. It was all steel walls and distant views of stars, of planets, and far abound constelaltions. In fact, constellations became a fascination for me. Astronomy became an interest that I just couldn’t shake, ever balanced by the down-to-earth attitude of the one who raised me like her own son. Spent my day cycles practicing tea ceremonies, studying the Way, becoming spiritually apt. Spent my night cycles dreaming of getting out there and traversing the stars like some astral planeswalker.

  3. We don’t talk about my sister. Not that I could even say much, but she was always the favored one. Went to those aforementioned meetings with mom, learned early on how to be a ruthless business woman. i was- my family’s backup plan in a lot of ways. Now, at least, I’m old enough to recognize that. Sort of telling, isn’t it?

  4. My sister was mortified, father unknowable (though I sometimes wish he would write, or give a sign of existence at the petty least)- my mother was overjoyed. Capsuleer training was littered with work and a lot of trial and error, but having studied in the SAK of the Akiainavas system, I felt prepared for anything. I… was definitely wrong, in retrospect. Capsuleering is like surfing on invisible waters, only you have to trust that they exist. I admit there’s charm to thinking myself some space ace for my people, but I’m all the more conscious of my position; just the son of a big name working under SuVee, performing an expendable but romanticized craft. But I don’t care, so long as I get to live among the stars.

#607201-5P1D3R.M0N-k3y at your service.

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My parents are both part of the scientist caste, in service to Ishukone. My father specializes in mechanical engineering, while my mother works in the biological sciences. I had the usual upbringing that most corporate kids get, but my parents were pretty involved with raising me, compared to some other families I knew at the time. Due to their marriage not being completely sanctioned by State (Mom’s an ethnic Gallente who’s ancestry traces back to Caldari Prime, while Dad’s your run-of-the-mill Deteis), they tried their best to live up to the State’s expectations.

To me, they managed to balance both their careers and being parents pretty well, although that also took a large toll on them. Dad, for example, would often be called away for weeks at a time, and I know he feels like he missed important parts of me growing up. We managed to make it work, though, and I’m still in regular contact with my folks.

Due to my parents’ roles, they tended to be stationed at a variety of locations, depending on what the company needed at the time. At my birth, they were working on a corporate space station, Korama III, and I was born at the medical facilities there.

From then on, I lived all over the place- mainly in other space stations, but there were a few colony assignments scattered about as well. I was still pretty sheltered (scientists tend to keep to themselves, even amongst the rest of the corporation), but there was the occasional exposure to outside influences.

Unfortunately, no- My parents did try to have at least one more child, but it never worked out (both through natural and scientific means). I do have a wider extended family, but it’s mainly been just us three.

They were very proud, but mostly relieved, I think. I was “selected” (read, groomed by the State) to become a capsuleer since I was pretty young , and based on how many people actually survive the process…. Well, let’s just say my parents thought there must have been some sort of divine force looking out for me through that process. They were less pleased when I went independent versus staying with Ishukone, but still proud for the most part.

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