Remote PI decommission?

Is there anyway to decommission a PI operation w/o being in the same system?

I’m running PI in a hole and am concerned that if I lose access to that hole I can’t setup PI shop elsewhere.


you can decommission remotely

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I don’t know this for sure, but in theory you should be able to get within 9 light years of Niarja even though you’re not in Pochven. Niarja is “on the map”, but now inaccessible by gates.

I don’t know this for sure.

Getting into Pochven is easy and getting out is easy using the appropriate filamements bought from the market. Have a cloak (duh).

How do you pull up the list of planets if you’re not in the system? (especially for J-space)

You can open the PI interface and access them that way from anywhere.

I have decommissioned my old PI setups remotely several times after my alliance moved to another region.

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