Removal of Sov Daily upkeep fees

Hello, everyone!

It’s that time again we bring up new or changing ideas on how we play the game! I think it’s time we look at the removal of the daily upkeep fees from stru services and move to fuel-based services. The reason for this is to help create more game content and force players to undock and load up these awesome fuel blocks into all strus. Just paying a fee each day is not much of a risk and this should change.

Anyways I don’t reply back to topic’s I will let you tell me what you think!

Isk sink


As a former pos fueler…No, nope, never again! All this does is make busy work and unhappy players. Sov bills can at least be done with a few clicks and not end up being work, and acts as an ISK sink.

Okay, then maybe just the removal in general because it’s in the player’s own space then why should you have to pay to have a daily upkeep? I do understand it would be more running around to fuel up stru which may not be the best idea here.

We need ISK sinks. CCP will NEVER remove ISK sinks or inflation goes up.


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