CCPlease.. Why did you remove the weekend fleet pack?

Seriously guys that was like the best option for using an account for casual game play when needed. Put it back… please.

Every time consumer friendly services such as this is removed I really am more tempted to quit playing for good.

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EVE is not for weekend gaming, EVE is life.


It looks like they took it out to make room for the new Vanguard pack.

They must be confident of it being released if they’re already charging for packs lol.

Vanguard is most likely going to be DOA.

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Will you drink my pod fluid if it won’t?
I replace it regularly…

also Weekend fleet pack will be back few days after February Vanguard playtest ends. Then it will probably disapears again before March Vanguard playtest starts.

CCP would have had the numbers on it and felt it wasnt great?

I know right? I love being able to log in and have a variety of roles on the weekend. I don’t play during the week because I just don’t have the time. I’m often on work trips and unable to play for a couple of weeks. it’s either $3.75 for 3 days out of the month when I don’t play more than 5. or $20 for the whole month. I just can’t justify the cost of the monthly sub.


I really don’t see any downside in keeping it as a permanent offering.


CCP might consider people would be more likely to pay for a whole month if they don’t.

Kind of scummy if that’s the reasoning.

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If they try maximizing profits then CCP maybe could add CA$H shop loot boxes with 0.00000001% chance of getting an AT ship. Maybe also NFTs and such. :psyccp:

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Isn’t there enough gambling already in New Eden every time we undock?

Weekends are already a huge gamble in New Eden

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Where else can you get 148k+ tank for the valve of just 12million Isk !

That Sigil deserved a better pilot. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :snowflake:

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OP the Weekend Fleet Pack is back …as has been divinated :pensive:

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