Is the weekend fleetpack gone for good?

Was there any announcement that the weekend fleetpack is being removed from the store?
Will it come back?

This will surely ruin my upcoming weekends a lot as it was the only affordable option.

It’s gone?

What are the recruit spammers going to do now that it’ll cost them $10 per acct for their twelve accts instead of $4?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Or just sub and slowly train your account to 100+mil SP to sell for tons of ISK later?

Presumably replaced by 14 day Vanguard access. Gotta cough up at least half a sub to playtest. Can’t blame them. Developing another project on the side is expensive.

The Vanguard access pack also disappeared from the store without announcement and is unavailable for me. It also did not have an availability duration given when it appeared. This is a bit frustrating when you try to plan with those things.

Vanguard pack was a promo for the vanguard test event?

Why make someone who only wants to play for 3 days pay $3.75, when you can make them pay $19.99?

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The 14 days wouldn’t last until the next playtest so that’s probably for the best. It’ll probably be back in a couple weeks.

It is somewhat also a topic about consistency…i could still buy a GTC for the fleetpack on a reseller site right now and activate it. Why can’t i buy it from CCP store right now?

Also why is (was) there a only a fleetpack available for $3.75, while steam users can buy a 7 day omega pass for $6.99. It seems in turn they didn’t get the fleetpack.

This triggers me on a certain emotional level, since we all play on the same server. This is like Amazon presenting higher prices when you are logged in with Apple hardware.

CCP sales design department


Tell em to “Go Jump!”

I liked the 3 day one, I use it when I hear ‘LOGON THE SUPERS’.

It reappeared in the store.

…annnnnnd it’s back

It vanished again - new Vanguard playtest starts in a week on February 22nd. And hence 14 day omega Warclone Pack is back for $10/€10 :wink:

fyi, there is a new 7 day starter (one time buy?) pack for $5/€5
(the infamous link :wink: - fixed)