Oi Weekend pack

Gone Again, Seriously… CCP.

What day is today? What is a pack’s name?

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It’s… not the weekend?

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Normally there 24/7

And as someone who weekend is not Sat/Sun… Big middle finger :wink:

I guess they are trying to get me to buy that new pack….

Ewwwww rev skin. Get a real dread.

Vanguard playtest is coming next Thursday… 3 day Onega Weekend Pack is usually being replaced with 14 day Omega Warclone pack around that time. Which has an Arkombine SKIN added as a bonus. This time it’s for Revelation Navy Issue.

Weekend pack we’ll be back at begining of May.


I’m also not a huge fan of Amarr ships.

Weekend fleet pack is and has been available all the time but not directly from Eve store.

MarkeeDragon, official CCP retailer has this item available at Markee Dragon Game Codes - Eve Online Weekend Fleet Pack

Fly safe, red and/or dangerously!


The urge to troll is gone, was gonna active a bunch of old alts and annoy some people :joy:


A little pricey for a skin and 14 days Omega, in my opinion.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That’s not the weekend. That’s just time off. Just so happens that many industries give their employees time off during the weekends. Sadly, yours does not.


I know. Depressing. But at least you get some time off during the week.

I bought my one-year game time from Markee Dragon. Def +1 to them.

I just HATE renewing subs. I rather buy time instead.


Yeah Markee is wholesome! :slight_smile: And you get everything just a bit cheaper too! <3


Yeah, noticed this “typo” yesterday after posting my piece :wink: When you click details you get instant 80% discount. Yay!

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