Remove Banned in Empire from Bombs for COVOPS?

Given the addition of AOE ships and the expansion of Smart bombs does it really make sense anymore?

It’s not like bombs don’t have other limits, size, delay being prime.

Make HS Krabbing Great Again!

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With 4 bombs? Or is it 5 if you don’t carry any other ammo?

EDIT: it is a whopping 7 bombs!

You can accomplish anything with the help of frenz

Anything that the new ships can do?

Do people in NPC null use fleets of stealth bombers to blitz missions? You should model that, Archer.

I don’t know man don’t rats in HS have like… 3 HP? Y’all carebears would farm escalations like cra’y cra’y.

Is the fire rate still 2-3 minutes per bomb? I’m not sure that can be called blitz?

Three or four mission pulling characters, five or six stealth bombers. It could be the new highsec mission multiboxing meta.

USIA does not endorse the use of stealth bombers for mission running, even if they could be used in HS/LS

We’d rather run distribution missions than multibox SBs… or maybe mining missions… I don’t think any of our runners have run mining missions in the past two years but it sure beats multiboxing SBs…

Yes it makes sense…

What is the reason you really want bombs in HS??
And yes im asking you to type up a multi-paragraph dissertation before i fully decide on a -1 or +1…

cause right now you basically asking a question and not forming an idea with pros and cons and what not…like what issue are you trying to fix??

Honestly, I’d be fine with just lowsec but I thought I might get some care bear votes if I included high sec :rofl:

what has become of you tho

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Make the Tama gate camp great again.

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Burn Jita 5000

Jita/Amarr undocks and other mass-used stations and gates exist… Smarbombing BSes are too expensive and range is rather limited, Edencom ships’ DPS before concorded is laughable at best.

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Right but you can smartbomb that now, plus the new ships.

With the delay each suicide frigate would get 1 bomb off, I think it would not even be the most effective but I don’t have that particular spreadsheet handy!

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…where is Scoots when his sewing-needle-vs-balloon treatment is needed???


Damage and radius of effect are very different. Also a wing of 7(?) SBs that launch a coordinated attack plus clean up the survivors with torps would be way more effective than even 7 Taloses or Tornadoes, imo.

Possibly, however given Jita being what it is, is that a bad thing?