Remove Cynosural Field Theory From alpha clones

just a quick thought. the idea of EVE is that it is meant to be building a community of players which actively have to work together in groups to be greater than the sum of its parts.

at least this is how i’ve always understood the game to be.

so just a thought. if we remove “Cynosural Field Theory” from alpha clone status entirely it will stop the spam production of alpha accounts to simply be cyno alts.

a lot of people are going to hate this idea, mainly because it will disrupt their jump chains and exisiting networks.

in the idea of working together and building the community i give this idea a thumbs up. cyno’s should be omega only.

it makes little sense to me that a someone with a ship with jump abilities can spam generate accounts and move seemlessly across the game at their will with very limited to no risk.

not saying JF pilots don’t get killed, because they do, however every JF pilot i know has their own chain set up, makes no sense for omega players to have it trained unless its for a big fleet battle. at least this way I could be of assistance to my corp mates.

when players have agency to do things themselves… like run multiple accounts to build capitals or bash structures or create jump frieghter chains, it creates a sense of Independance where you don’t need to work with other people. both previous experiences in nullsec, wormhole space and even Pochven have all netted the same results. people out there doing things themselves, not working together, even in groups where people don’t like each other.

so I think by removing this aspect from alpha accounts will naturally give the right encouragement to people to be more involved with corps and alliances rather than doing their own thing and could potentially bring more of the right kind of players into the game.

I’m taking a blind leap here but I’m thinking you don’t really work with the community, you don’t reach out, why should anyone do as you say but don’t do, have you ever considered that cyno alts are the only characters you can trust?

Sounds like you’re a guy looking to gank juicy jump freighters but not willing to do the foot work and pull enough people together to blap one on route.

actually i do work with the community, i am always trying to come up with ways of getting players involved with in house events and activities.
no one has to do as a say, this is a suggestion forum, it is a suggestion, the premise here is that by doing this it would mean the community would be inclined further in working together.

I have expressed an interest in bounty hunting, which was one of the main reasons i joined this game, but not only did this go unattended for years, but has also been removed.

my interest in it is purely as a sub profession in the game and what it represents and how it impacts the community, please see my bounty hunting 2.0 post on this forum.

also I’m not a combat pilot.

Work with the community - the right kind of players.

The problem I see is that it imposes something upon players, jump freighters pilots now got to wait on “trusted” players to work with or pay double in a sub just to move stuff, where does it end?

Why are any of us forced to work together when we have our own agendas, they have a community board up where people can join any activity they want, in other words be able to choose, if you have been here in eve long enough you know betrayal is a thing in eve would you trust me with billions of your goods?

Not realistic



All of the cyno modules require omega so why is this thread here?

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I thought there was a limit on the cyno skill allowing players to have access to it as alpha, as you have pointed out and now i have gone and done more research i see you are right.

I’ve flagged this post for deletion.

you’re playing the wrong game then squire

Yea I mean do you think CCP would allow people to have cyno alts for free? Those are like easy money subs.


yeah, i see it now, honestly it was just a derp on my part really. covers face in shame

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