CCP just rip the bandaid off

More and more we see a loud minority voicing their opinion on change. I personally have liked the changes that were originally proposed and hate when I see CCP backtrack to appease an extremely small corner of the game. so when CCP says they received a lot of feedback from the community, it makes me realize that when I don’t say anything my voice isn’t heard. So this is me voicing my opinion so that I could be heard.

Personally I want CCP to kill the idea the of “why ask a player to do what I can get my alt to do?” Thee community operates on now. And I mean this quite literally. By any means necessary. And you know the chaos era changes are going to do that. Maybe not to the extreme I’d like but meh.

Something else that has to die is convenience and safety. Convenience births stagnation and safety builds unassailable Empires. When I undock no matter what I’m undocking for or what ever purpose, I have to feel like there is a threat. When I put a structure in space that threat has to convert over to that stuff. When there is no fear of loss, for a Time there is a sense of invulnerability andthe desire to exploit these Newfound powers. After I’ve exploited these powers I grow bored. Because omnipotence destroys the human desire for challenge. That’s what game is, a challenge. Even if two omnipotent powers collide there’s no challenge in it. It is just two powers breaking up the mundane. And I haven’t heard anybody complain about breaking of the mundane. But nobody wants to give up their powers. Which is understandable because humans are greedy and selfish.

If Eve is going to be a game about community and alliances then there has to be a reason to reach out to other people. The only true way we’re going to get those reasons if there are occupations that certain people don’t like but other people do like. Such as hauling Freight, scouting, Wormhole chain mapping, sovereignty grinding. If I hate hauling my stuff but I need my stuff and I don’t want to lose my stuff then I’m going to find somebody who is willing to haul, can do it safely and affordably. And this is where CCPs vision of trust comes in. In order to trust people to do this you have to incorporate them into your alliance or Corporation. And the only way to do that sufficiently is bringing new players.

And this is the point of all the changes. Create a vacuum necessity within new Eden so that once new players get past a new player experience no matter how lacking it the tutorials are, corporations and alliances will swoop in and scoop up new players to fill in the occupational roles as entry-level positions so that the new players can build a reputation.

So all these changes come down to this. Are you willing to give up your convenience and safety to promote the building of an online community.

I will say that I am. And would propose far more extreme suggestions to achieve that. So CCPlease just rip off the bandaid and cull the soft selfish players out of the game


I think that is what’s currently happening… we see the PCU dropping. This is because a lot of botting/RMT accounts have been purged (20,000), and all the soft whiner krabs that bloated PCU over the last few years are leaving the game due to changes that make them marginally less safe in NullSec. EVE doesn’t need either type of player.

There will be some growing pains, but EVE will come out the other side better, stronger, and with a closer community full of people who do stuff. CCP has already stated they care more about the overall health of the game than they do about “short term angry player loss” (aka they don’t care about the whiny AFK krabbers leaving, and neither should anyone else).


I just don’t want to see any backtracking because the only opinions are from soft players.


Most EVE players have become soft and lazy. The game has only gotten easier over the years. Now, I’m all for reducing unnecessary complexity, but the ease of making ISK, accumulating massive wealth, and moving around and doing things has increased to the point of unspeakable convenience compared to when I started the game.

There should be things in the game for dedicated, long-term, highly invested players with a lot of playtime - SOV stuff, caps, WHs, etc.

There should also be things to appeal to people who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t invest that deeply - things like Abyssals or FW (basically log in - get content - log out).

But the focus should be on gameplay that either directly promotes or somehow supports investment either on the group level or the individual level.


EVE has been about that since the beginning and it worked better in the past than it does now.

Slavery work like sitting on a gate 23/7 in shifts like your dreadful RL work? Sounds good. Count me in.

Newbie #875: Myrm duty to raise indexes today.
Newbie #2348 you are assigned to gate watch duty today. If you miss a hostile coming through your gate and some of our valuable miners die, you are responsible for it.

Entry-level positions. What a wonderful euphemism for slavery and exploitation. :innocent:

All your bomber losses really got you, didn’t they? By the way, your killboard is a very nice show of how EVE is not safe at all, even when it had local. You just kept dying all day long to the hazards of null sec.

You talk like this was not the case already. Rorquals used to be about group activity with actual miners (or miner alt swarms) and not Rorqual swarms with drone armies. Ratting was a thing for some people to ISK on an individual basis. Production has always been a group effort that relies on many characters to take on many roles. So is managing a corp or alliance. You talk like all these things had not existed before CCP’s meme sperging started. Are you sure you know what you are talking about?



Straw man FTW.

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Meh my losses arn’t a rational rebuttal. But since you brought them up. I take risks. A lot of stupid risks. It’s my Isk I’ll spend it how I want.

Lastly, don’t straw man me. It’s boring.



So where was all the complaining that made them backtrack? Every post I see here about cyno changes is deleted or moved with in a few minutes. I would love to see them back track on backtracking as I think adding a third cyno is the dumbest thing CCP has done for a long time.

More on the way @Ellison_Onizuka be patient

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I like the OP’s point about there needing to be a vacuum within New Eden to draw new players in. Said another way, a gameworld with a “story” waiting to happen, with opportunities to get into it, face conflicts, affect its outcome and benefit from the fight-- that makes a good, immersive game. Not a backstory concocted by the designers, but a vacuum of power between the players themselves, ready for the player to take a chance at filling it in some way.

Kind of like if you play a sandbox MMO right after it launches. Unlimited unknown things and opportunities for everybody, and then it gets settled and communities, friendships, and rivalries form. But the chaotic first few weeks of frontier life and competing with and interacting with unknown other players are the ones you remember.

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does anyone know when the cyno changes will go live?


I believe it’s next patch/expansion…which is why it’s such a hot topic.

and yet in my pocket i have 1 guy that runs 70 procs with a orca/noctis/freighter/and logi cruiser, another guy running a 20 man orca fleet, and nother running a 10 man orca fleet and the legions of people we have running numerous alt armies in production.

There was a change to a industry window so a guy with a 100 accounts could tell when a research or industry project was completed. 1 guy got that change done yet the whole eve population cant get something done unless its a nerf.

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