Remove Please

Not looking for a rush buy, all structures, including POCOs, are owned by seller
PM for details such as J number and Further Structure/Ship Details

Asking Price is 22 Billion ISK
All Structures, Guaranteed Bookmark/Entry for buyer, and All Capital Hulls
Willing to negotiate and can leave more ships/fittings/mods/etc if wanted for a little bit more ISK.

Great Mining, Good PI
Quiet LS Static, most historical traffic comes from J Space connections, which can be rolled easily
Multiple Structures Anchored, all dead sticks removed, all structures owned by seller
Multiple Capital Ships already built inside
Selling due to decreased need for its resources/income

Structures + Ships:
1 Fortizar
3 Athanors

Multiple Capitals, Combat Site BattleShips, Mining Boats, and Roller Ships can be included in the sale for significant reduction of price/value since it makes evacuation easy. Otherwise they will be evacced or Self Destructed (Caps).

System Info:

8 Planets + Over 60 Moons
-3 Barren
-3 Gas
-1 Lava
-1 Ocean
-3 P4s Possible, Several P3s, Very Good for easy P2 Production
6 within Sun D-Scan range, 2 beyond, Deep Safes Possible

Over 60 Moons, Most being above average for R4/ABC mining
-Will send scan information of all moons to buyer for future use
-Main ISK Value is in huge amounts of Flawless Arknor (40% or more on many moons)
-All R4 Moon Materials and all ABC Ores are available if you want to react or scale up moon mining by composition for internal industry while minimizing imports.

I have 3B …

Lowest I would go is 5, and that is if i had to unanchor the Fort and an Athanor and Evac them.

POCOs and 2x Athanor would still want to ask for 5 B and it would take 2-3 weeks

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