Remove the ability to pay for game time with ISK

There would be less incentive for players to multibox or bot, if ISK was only usable for buying in-game stuff, and not to be used to obtain in fact a free-to-play game.

Right now I see lots of effort (and approval of the community) for making all forms of PVE harder. What’s the purpose? Do you really intend to make it so nobody should mine or rat without a fleet standing around his Procurer/VNI to defend him?
I am not talking about Rorquals and Carriers used for mining and ratting, those things already have a fleet ready to defend them.

So - most of the changes, (like the current blackout) affect the small time players ratting with 1 single VNI or Procurer. It will be harder for them. Maybe the purpose is to make everyone buy plex, with all this hate towards a part that is vital to the game (as a roleplaying game). Yes we can buy plex, and EVE loses a lot of it’s appeal, no longer a roleplaying game with space empires and resource wars, just buy your ships with cash and then seek that elusive “fun engagement”.

Which ships can I buy with cash in Eve?

If you need to do stuff in game to earn Omega then it’s not F2P…Alpha is F2P…


PLEX helps people have a legit way of converting their money to ISK. It also helps those that want to spend isk on in game time. While I understand your argument, it would cause more harm then good.


All of them. Buy PLEX, sell it on the market for ISK, then use that ISK to to buy your ship.

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Wait, but then I’m not buying the ship with cash. I’m buying them with Isk.


Game time is purchased with PLEX, which is sold by CCP for real world cash making it a significant source of income for the company. The ability to trade PLEX on the in-game market gives players who need ISK to finance in-game activity a legitimate way to acquire it and players who have lots of ISK and want to use it to pay for game time don’t need to use the black market. Win - win - win.

The problem is old content that can be farmed much too easily with low risk. I believe CCP understands the problem and is working toward a solution but it’s a long slow process and the people currently consuming that content won’t be happy!

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“remove a significant source of revenue for CCP” Ok good luck with your post

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It would be difficult to enumerate all of the reasons that this isn’t going to happen in a single post, and that you couldn’t think of enough of them to dissuade you from posting in the first place indicates that you probably wouldn’t really understand them, anyway.

So… LOL no.


If those people using bots and multiboxing Rorquals and Carriers (that everybody seems to hate) would have to pay for each of their accounts with $ instead of ISK, they would not do it. It would not scale so well, and the rewards would not be worth it.

There is a reason they are farming ISK instead of buying their ships with $ = PLEX - because they can do it for free. They multibox and they get to play for free and there is enough ISK leftover to play with. I am certain 90% of them would not put so much effort into botting or multiboxing if they had to pay for each character logged in.

And right now, all these counter measures taken against them - like this blackout, have a greater effect on players not multiboxing or botting, not even using Rorquals or carriers.

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Your arguement that the blackout hurts regular players more then the botters is not backed up by any numbers. If you have them please share. Also getting rid of the PLEX would hurt more then just botters.

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This is a core EVE feature - one of the things that made the game different from others, and it’s one of the few things that keeps people playing as much as they can. Multiboxing and the like provides additional content for players by putting more targets in space. The plex economy is also based primarily on what you can get with it, and removing the ability to trade isk for plex for gametime would undermine one of the core fundamentals of the EVE economy.

There is zero chance CCP is going to implement this change.

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I maintain 144 accounts and over 440 active characters in my farm system, supplying in excess of 1,700 Skill Injectors per month to the community. Care to guess how many of these accounts would get mothballed if this were to be implemented?

You all are overthinking it. CCP (Pearl Abyss) could just sell ships for cash and remove the krabbing middleman entirely.