Info has been removed for reasons.

I’m not convinced. :confused:

Hrrrm… yeah. Still not tingling. :expressionless:

. hands up .

You got me. The first confirmed alt to post in Eve Forums.

Well done.


The character I post with is a biomassed alt that will disappear if I ever log out. Get on my level.

Looking through Makshima’s devastating Stabber loss and at the killboards of the players involved, I’m not convinced either. “See for yourself” is perhaps the weakest argument in existence.

It is indeed a weak argument. If you aren’t going to take the time to document their behavior before throwing around the label of “botter” which can get a player investigated and potentially banned you are basically boy-who-cried-wolfing. The burden of proof is one the person making the claim and it is their job in a persuasive argument to convince the other side using reason and, preferably, evidence.

The reason we had all that bot outrage a couple of months ago started because the bot-hunters documented the bots so thoroughly that they were able to take advantage of their behavior to trap them. CCP themselves have tips for how to document bots so that we don’t flood them with bot reports. It seems like you got hot-dropped by a carrier and then ran to the forums to cry “bot”, because you didn’t bring a shred of valuable information with you.

So be it.

I have no respect for people that delete their posts after loosing an argument. It strike’s me as petulant and cowardly thing to do. If your wrong own up to it.

It was not deleted because of loosing it was deleted because it could cause damage/trouble for players that might be wrongly accused (proven by Quelza). So take your coward comment somewhere else plz. I’m leaving the matter soully to ccp without getting involved.

you sound like a trump supporter that see’s everything as winning or loosing… try broaden your view a bit.

P.S. don’t come here posting from an alt talking about cowardice when i’m using my main :] got a lot more balls than you, hiding behind an alt.

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It’s not cowardly to use an alt, lots of trolls and idiots like this deadmeat guy on the forum’s, so its better to be a bit strategic and not paint a target on your head for people to abuse you in game. But I agree with removing damaging accusations from the forum’s as most forum dwellers only read the first few comment’s before moving on.

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Perhaps you are right.

Still mad bro? Just bite the pillow… it’s only gonna get drier for you over the next 7 years.

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I LOL’ed, no lube for america.

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