Removing a BPO from an Engineering Sotiyo whose Industry services have gone offline

I don’t do manufacturing very often so this is probably a stupid question with an easy answer.
I started a BPO Time Efficiency Research job at a publicly accessible Engineering Complex in high sec. A few days later, the Sotiyo entered reinforced mode and several of its services went offline, including Industry. The research job is halted and I can’t figure out how to remove the BPO from the station and leave with it in my ship. It’s a pretty cheap BPO so it’s not a big deal if I lose it, but I’m still curious to know how to recover it.

Can’t cancel job when reinforced. Wait for it to die then asset safety.

OK, thank you.

Few months ago, I had the same problem so I created a support ticket. It’s interesting how Admiral Mason was able to give a more straight answer than someone on CCP’s payroll.

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