BPO halt + Low power + Abandoned state

Last weekend a public highsec Sotiyo in Ordion was destroyed.

The problem I have with that is my several billion ISK worth BPOs were lost there. The REAL problem is I had no jumping way to save them. In all probability the flow of events was as following:

  1. the Sotiyo lost its armor, I get notification that it will become abandoned in a week. Yet since armor is lost, all modules are offline (that is why the Sotiyo is going into abandoned state) and my BPOs are frozen.
  2. the Sotiyo reached abandoned state. I removed all assets that were not frozen.
  3. Last reinforcement timer is there and the Sotiyo is destroyed.

Is there at least any way to save BPOs in similar situation? If not, does this game mechanic of keeping abandoning procedure working for structure under attack look completely broken?

Buy more PLEX.


Nope. Don’t use public structures. Now you’ve learned a good lesson about using public structures.

Use copies if you are using player structures and keep BPOs in NPC stations.


Preferably jita-ish. If they ever go lets trig another section of high sec…Jita region would be last on the lucky list of places to get trig’d lol. They trig jita…the game is in a really bad spot. Like eve is dying for real as I see it.

Niarja while a sting to some…well it was niarja. It was not prime real estate, imo, before it was lost. Good for sitting in a cloaky on a bored night to watch freighter ganks. But I never put it on the gee I want to setup even a mini-home here list.

Why were your BPOs “frozen”? Did you try to cancel running jobs?

All jobs were “halted” because the lab went offline. The system therefore refused my attempts to stop the job. The lab went offline most likely due to structure losing its armor.

I heard there are also some limitations associated with official wardecs - something like: you cannot stop your job if structure’s owner is subject of war or your corp is subject of war - but I do not know details about it - most likely in my case the reason was structure losing armor.

Ok, I shall probably reformulate my question:

Was situation different before Abandoned State for Upwell structures was implemented?

Yes, in regards, that you could never lose a BPO. Were your jobs already finished or still in progress when the services went offline? I think there is a problem that you can’t deliver a finished job, so your prints get stuck. But cancel a running job should be possible at all times.

I would recommend to open a ticket and ask for explanation. Especially about the point why you were not able to cancel the jobs, which would have put the BPO back in the hangar to move it manually into asset safety before destruction.

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Where can someone find a guide about asset safety and structures state ? what drops in what condition ?

WS/abandonned => 50% drop.

The thing is, you can just offline the lab without removing it, it puts the jobs on frozen state which you can’t do anything about ; then wait for the structure to become abandoned and shoot it as soon as it becomes(one layer, few HPs) and half the bpos that were being researched / copied/built from will drop.

Funny thing is, it was quite the opposite - the finished jobs delivered the product successfully even after the structure went into LOW POWER by losing armor. But those jobs still in progress were frozen.

I think it is like you said the other way. Which would make some sense in the old world to ensure the active jobs’ material is dropping. The drop for abandoned citadels is another mechanic, but will lead to the loss of prints.

I would assume this is also a lucrative scam now. Attract industry players, and after some time, destroy your own installation to collect the blueprints.

A moron used a public citadel to store his precious items. He learned a valuable lesson.

Working as intended.


Stupid comment. CCP explicitly created an exception for BPOs to be never dropping when introducing citadels to foster collaboration. They nullified this rule with the abandoned state introduction without any communication.


Their game. Their rules. Who are we to judge…

It should have been expected this would happen or you have rose colored glasses in regards to all past events.

Could be worse could have been the corp that lost 61 T2 BPO to abandoned structure

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I think it could be useful if ingame you could see information about the strucutre reputation, for example :

“This structure was anchored on 01/01/2020 (X Days)”
“This structure is in active mode since 01/01/2020 (X Days)”

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Which doesn’t help, as the scammer will offline the services “out of the blue”. This is a similar scheme as the courier contract scam.

There have been many outfits who take years to scam people and make their mark… this will do nothing.

Think Guiding Hand Social Club and others.