Renard Corbeau Inc. - MINING/INDY/PVE CORP

Renard Corbeau Inc. We are a high sec/low sec industrial corp run by veteran players based in Khanid space. We are recruiting new and old industrial capsuleers. We are happy to train all newcomers to the game and run ops for more experienced players looking to make some serious isk.

If you are interested please join our FoxRaven chat in game to ask questions etc.

Corp Summary:
Khanid space (We can help you move if needed)
9 high sec corp moon stations with refining and production facilities
Plus access to our alliance moons mix of high & low sec
Relaxed community always happy to help out
Freighter transport Ops available
RL first - all fleets are completely optional
Easy access to level 1-4 mission agents
Experienced members
Discord server for communications
Corporate blueprint collection
No Tax
US timezones
Maximum boost mining fleets
Wormhole expeditions
Ore buy back program (let us worry about refining & hauling)
Corporation insurance program

We have moons available every 48 hours.

Our next moon op is this Thursday. Looking for some new friends to join us.

We’re happy for new comers to join and anyone that’s into the industry part of the game. High-sec living with 6 moon harvesting locations.

We are online and recruiting.

We have moon’s fracking all the time. We’re online now recruiting. Please join us.

So much moon ore not enough time.

We now have 9 corp high-sec moons available. And access to a number of alliance moons in high & low sec. Lot’s of isk to be made.

We have moon’s fracking all the time. We’re online now recruiting. Please join us.

I am interested in joining.

Newish player, Im looking for a new more established corp, i enjoy mining and have big intrest in getting into pvp!

Recruitment is open.

Recruiting is open.


Thank you for reaching out.

continuously expanding!

Recruiting is ongoing.

Interested applied ingame

24 moons and counting

Im a semi-new player and in need of a home, im interested