Renfield Logistics was created to make profit, and we plan to do that through a variety of methods, but at its very core it is a logistics company. While we do work in all areas of the supply chain, from mining the raw material to selling it, we have a large focus on transport, since none of those items are any good if you cannot transport them.

Why you should join us

Well first and most obvious of all, tax rate. Missions are a great way to make cash, and while you are not part of a player made corporation, the tax rate for you is stuck at 11%. If you make 100,000 ISK from a mission, you are losing 11,000 ISK. Thats insane! No one should have to be taxed that much. Our tax rate is much less, at a nice comfortable 3%. Now when you make 100,000 ISK from a mission, you are only taxed 3000 ISK. Secondly is pay. That’s right, we actually pay our members a portion of our profits. Exactly 20% of the profits go to the members. That being said, anyone who joins us has to put in some work towards the company, and will have to fill a quota but they will be paid for their work. Anyone who joins us may choose what they want to do for the company, whether it be mining, manufacturing, transporting or even management and accounting farther up the line. Our last reason is help. Anyone who joins will receive help with getting started if they need it, and we will supply ships and equipment to our employees if they do not have sufficient supplies already.


-Have Discord
-Be willing to at least be in a vc on Discord (you don’t need to talk, but its a lot easier to communicate this way)
-Be active for at least a few hours at least twice a week
-Know that you will have to fill certain quotas or do work for the company, since we are paying you

Thats all! Please consider joining us!

Discord Invite Link: Renfield Logistics

zkillboard: Renfield Logistics | Corporation | zKillboard

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