[Renting] Looking for system in sov-space


we’re TWO peaceful non-pvp corps looking for a new home to rent within sov space. We are into end-to-end production, from PI and moon goo up to the manufacturing of structures and capitals, and finally hauling and trading our products. We might also go ratting from time to time and scan down wormholes on the search for connections to highsec. Around 20 active members in total. Politically, all our members have a strong EVE University educational background and we try to stay strictly neutral ourselves. Our business model relies on good positive standings, so we avoid conflicts when possible.
We speak English,German, some French and absolutely no Russian.

We bring our own structures (several engineering complexes including Sotiyo, Refineries asap when available in-game). Being able to dock our Rorquals in our own structure is important to us.

We’re looking for a partnership with some landlords which offer protection in exchange for isk and other services. Our expectations would be:

  • A quiet home system under your sovereignity, with us controlling the system’s structures, belts, planets, moons and anoms
  • Blue status with your alliance
  • Permission to freely move within your space and access to your structures / markets
  • Participation in your alliance’s intel channel
  • Free access to ice belts in your space, given there is no ice belt in the rented system
  • Access to 15+ POCOs with 0% tax rate (or alternatively permission to deploy our own POCOs) for all kinds of PI materials

What we offer in return:

  • ISK
  • Loyalty
  • free access for you and your blues to our structures and services with 0% fees
  • We’ll share the rented system and the resources with you and are happy when your people visit us… the more the merrier and the higher the military and indy indexes
  • If you need industrial support, we’ll happily work with you

Please send me offers in-game,


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