Rents Due Crew is Recruiting USTZ

Rents Due Crew

Looking to branch out from highsec? Or perhaps tired of the Null bloc lifestyle and want to feel more involved in your participation in your group? Well RDC may very well be a good fit for you. RDC is a lowsec corporation residing in the long standing Dock Workers Alliance. We pride ourselves in being competent pilots able to punch above our weight to accomplish our goals while still maintaining a relaxed and mature environment for our members.

What we do: My main goal of the corp is to create fights by bashing peoples structures. Plain and Simple. We do accept contracts if you would like a particular structure bashed. Outside of that the Alliance has many activities all listed below.

What we offer:

  • Small Gang
  • Gatecamping
  • Black Ops
  • Wormhole Diving
  • Fleet Warfare
  • Capital Warfare

What we require:

  • Competence/willingness to learn
  • Ability to field doctrine ships
  • ESI via SEAT
  • TS3/Discord usage
  • Capital alt (dread preferred) if you don’t have one you must be either willing to get one or start training one on acceptance into corp
  • Decent level of activity (obviously real life priorities come first)

Daily bump nerds still looking to recruit a few more for some fun pew pew


daily bump had our first little brawl today with some locals

daily bump still looking for a few more people to kick things off

Still recruiting

Another day paying the bills join up nerds

added a few more to the crew today! still looking for more cool dudes though

I am intrested in joining where should i contact you?

you can reach me in game or on Discord with the link above

Daily bump still recruiting if ya have questions feel free to pop into the discord and ask or send a message in game

Daily Bump. Had some good Blops last few nights with the crimson harvest event going on dont miss out!

Still Recruiting active pilots

Daily forum bump looking to grab a few more nerds to pew pew with

daily bump deployment starting soon


Another day another bump

latest brawls

daily bump still recruiting

daily bump k thanks