Repair All - Heat damaged modules

There have been a few topic’s on this but they seem to go nowhere and die quickly.
A minor change of code, no big deal either way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has there been any debate with CCP and the community as to enabling this feature?
In the same regard - has there been any debate to allowing drones to be repaired by nanites while recalled to their mothership?

Leiron - With an E not a 3

Click “Repair” -> CTRL A -> click Repair Item -> everything is repaired.

Do you really want to spend millions in nanitepaste value to repair a light drone? Just sit on a citadel and let it repair the drones with the tether (or dock and repair as above).

Not everyone has a citadel in their back pocket. Nanite paste is a legitimate repair requirement.
I’d also like to see repair all option.

Also, carry a small remote armor and a small remote hull repper and a mobile depot.

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